Chicago style politics from President Obama?

Ford Director of U.S. Marketing Discusses Ford “Press Conference” Commercials

Uploaded by on May 1, 2011

Matt VanDyke, Ford Director of U.S. Marketing, describes the evolution of the Ford “Drive One” campaign and the latest series of TV Spot


We have all heard about the forceful way the old school style of politics was in Chicago. I wonder after reading this story below if President Obama has brought that way of doing business to the White House? Brummett complains about attack dogs here in Arkansas verbally accusing the other party of misdeeds, but at least we don’t have the Chicago style politics thing going on like President Obama.

Ongoing Ripples from the Auto Bailout

Posted by Daniel Ikenson

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that the person responsible for Ford’s anti-bailout ads was deserving of a raise. Today, I wonder how that extra income will be spent…in Siberia. According to media accounts seemingly originating with the Detroit News, Ford has pulled that ad after learning the Putin Obama White House was none too pleased.

It is unclear from the Detroit News article whether overt threats, implied repercussions, or mild expressions of regret best characterize the communications from the White House to Ford. Regardless, something spooked Ford enough to prompt it to pull the popular ad (no longer available on YouTube), which sought to differentiate the Ford brand over the “bailout” characteristic, which is not insignificant to auto purchasing decisions.

Hopefully, some probing journalists will discover the true nature of what transpired. In the meantime, it’s important to reflect on the fact that—contrary to the views of E.J. Dionne and others who cannot contemplate what is not seen—the auto bailout was not a discreet event, which happened and now resides in our memories. It is an ongoing tipping of the scales of competition—intentionally and inadvertently. Ford’s mere perception that the administration might stir up trouble if it didn’t fall into line is a vestige of the bailout.

To the extent that the administration wants to tout the bailout as evidence of its “successful” economic stewardship, it should know that there are plenty of us willing and able to do the auditing on that claim.

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