Senator Pryor asks for Spending Cut Suggestions! Here are a few!(Part 114)

Senator Mark Pryor wants our ideas on how to cut federal spending. Take a look at this video clip below:

Senator Pryor has asked us to send our ideas to him at and I have done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

On May 11, 2011,  I emailed to this above address and I got this email back from Senator Pryor’s office:

Please note, this is not a monitored email account. Due to the sheer volume of correspondence I receive, I ask that constituents please contact me via my website with any responses or additional concerns. If you would like a specific reply to your message, please visit This system ensures that I will continue to keep Arkansas First by allowing me to better organize the thousands of emails I get from Arkansans each week and ensuring that I have all the information I need to respond to your particular communication in timely manner.  I appreciate you writing. I always welcome your input and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact me on any issue of concern to you in the future.

Therefore, I went to the website and sent this email below:

Here are a few more I  emailed to him myself.

Senator Rand Paul on Feb 7, 2011 wrote the article “A Modest $500 Billion Proposal: My spending cuts would keep 85% of government funding and not touch Social Security,” Wall Street Journal and he observed:

Here are some of his specific suggestions:

Agency/Program Funding Level Savings % Decrease
Independent Agencies —– $2.048 B —–
Plenty of independent and efficient consumer groups exist throughout the United States, and Consumer Reports is
just one example. It is time that the federal government retreats from such services, as its presence in this arena is
unnecessary and was never intended in the first place.
The Founding Fathers did not envision a government that included funding for the arts. They understood that what
one citizen may see as a favorable artistic expression may offend another. This is why the arts are better left to
private support; it is not government’s role to pick and choose which artists should be subsidized.
No media outlet should exist which requires government support to survive; especially in the case of NPR, which
makes no apologies for its often one-sided, government subsidized options. Further, PBS has produced many hit
television shows that will be able to produce revenue for continued broadcasting; as it is, public dollars are
subsidizing the creation and growth of lucrative brands that generate millions of dollars of merchandising revenues.
The American taxpayer deserves better.
Affordable Housing Program – Eliminated
Commission on Fine Arts – Eliminated
Consumer Product Safety Commission – Eliminated
Corporation for Public Broadcasting – Eliminated
National Endowment of Arts – Eliminated
National Endowment for Humanities – Eliminated
Privative the Smithsonian Institution – Privatized
State Justice Institute – Eliminated

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