Attorney: Ark. weatherman innocent in Maumelle death of Dexter Williams

Today’s THV channel 11 in Little Rock reported:

MAUMELLE, Ark. (AP) – An attorney for a local meteorologist says no foul play was involved in the death of a 24-year-old Mountain Pine man.

Little Rock-based lawyer Mark Hampton said Thursday that KARK meteorologist Brett Cummins is innocent.

Authorities say Cummins and the body of 24-year-old Dexter Williams were found in a jacuzzi at a Maumelle home on Monday. Williams was wearing what appeared to be a dog collar around his neck and according to the police report, the homeowner said they had been doing drugs the night before.

No charges have been filed in Williams’ death. Authorities have questioned Cummins and the homeowner multiple times.

Police have not yet released the preliminary results of Williams’ autopsy. His family says they’re disturbed by the circumstances surrounding his death and added that Williams was easily influenced.

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Brett Cummins and his friends were drinking heavily and taking drugs on Sunday night and all three of them went to sleep under the influence of alcohol and drugs and only 2 of them woke  up.  This reminds me of a few verses from the Old Testament. (There is hope. Check out the video interviews of Kerry Livgren […]

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