Brummett: Obama would defeat Rick Perry (Part 1)

Cato Institute Scholars Analyze the 2010 State of the Union Address

Uploaded by on Jan 28, 2010

Cato Institute scholars address several items in President Obama’s first official State of the Union Address. Scholars include Daniel J. Mitchell, Mark A. Calabria, Neal McCluskey, Michael D. Tanner, John Samples, Jim Harper and Malou Innocent.



John Brummett suggests that Rick Perry could not beat President Obama in his re-election attempt in 2012. In Brummett’s article “Laboring over holiday arrows,” September 6, 2011, Arkansas News Bureau, he asserted:

President Obama— You cannot get re-elected in an economy like this unless the Republicans nominate someone more unsettling even than the economy, a possibility.

arrowdownsmallRick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann — The possibilities mentioned above

I will respond in 6 parts. These 6 parts all deal with fundemental economic disagreements that President Obama and Rick Perry disagree on, and I will you determine if the public agrees with Perry or Obama.

These observations come from an article I read by Bradley Gitz on Sept 4, 2011 in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

Much is being made of Texas Gov. (and now GOP frontrunner) Rick Perry’s “Texas Miracle.” Conservatives favorably compare Texas’ economic performance with the rest of the nation under Barack Obama. Liberals claim the “miracle” really isn’t much of a miracle at all and that Perry shouldn’t get the credit even if it is.
   Both sides have a point. By any objective standard, Texas has done pretty well in recent years, although upon closer inspection it still has problems (like any state) and it remains unclear how much of the good stuff can be attributed to Perry’s policies.
   In clarifying all this, it might help to remember that government is necessary for economic development but, past a certain point, is a potential obstacle to it. The logical corollary is that the marketplace is generally self-correcting, unless presidents (and governors) do dumb things that prevent such corrections. Sound economic policy more often than not means government laying the right foundation for economic growth and then getting out of the way.
   So what would such a “right” foundation under present circumstances consist of?
   First, limiting the size of the welfare state and government spending in general. Much easier than figuring out the right policies is identifying the wrong ones, foremost among which is government spending more each year than it takes in. At this point we have no choice but to overhaul entitlements, drastically cut discretionary spending and hope we have learned to never go down this road again…
   That the Obama administration doesn’t like most of these ideas explains certain things, and also suggests a rather obvious ninth step the voters can take in November of 2012.
   Freelance columnist Bradley R. Gitz, who lives and teaches in Batesville, received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Illinois.

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