Results of 2011 Salt Bowl: Bryant 21 Benton 14





The last few years the games has not even been close. The clip from 2009 showed that it was a blow out, but this year it was close the whole game.

Channel 7 reported:

LITTLE ROCK – This year’s Salt Bowl drew a huge crowd for the big game that pits two bitter small-town rivals at Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium.

It wasn’t quite the 30,000 people organizers had hoped for, but 23,856 rabid football fans came to see the Benton Panthers square off against the Bryant Hornets.

“It’s just unbelievable that two towns the size of Benton and Bryant can have this kind of turnout,” said Olan King, a Benton fan. “That’s awesome.”

Bryant ended up winning the battle for Saline County 21-14, making it 6 straight Salt Bowl victories.

However, most Benton fans were just happy the game was competitive in the fourth quarter.

In the end, Bryant prevailed again, making it that much sweeter for the Hornet faithful.

“You live in Bryant, you breathe Bryant, you bleed blue, you gotta be here,” said Stephen Kincaid, a 1990 Bryant alum who came to the came in blue hornet goggles.

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