Tea Party representatives claim debt deal responsible for downgrade because it did not cut enough (Part 3)

The Tea Party members in the Republican Party voted against the debt deal and have even claimed that the debt deal did not cut enough out of the budget and that is why the USA got a downgrade in the  credit rating.

Scalise: Downgrade of AAA rating a resounding indictment of President Obama’s failed liberal policies

Calls on Geithner to resign followed by reversal of radical agenda

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Washington, DC — Congressman Steve Scalise today released the following statement after the S&P downgraded the US credit rating from AAA to AA+.

“The unprecedented downgrade of the US credit rating is a resounding indictment of President Obama’s failed extreme liberal agenda that has run millions of jobs out of our country due to job-killing taxes, rampant out-of-control government spending, and radical policies like the President’s health care law,” Scalise said. “We cannot allow our nation to keep sinking like quick sand into financial ruin, and we need immediate accountability to correct the damage done by the Obama Administration.  Just a few months ago, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner assured Americans that there would be no downgrade, and in light of last night’s announcement it is time for him to do what is best for our country and resign from his post, followed by a reversal of the extreme liberal agenda pursued by President Obama that devastated our once-golden credit rating under his watch.

“The U.S. House of Representatives continues to offer solutions to create American jobs and get our economy back on track, only to have those bills be opposed by the White House and liberals running the Senate.  Senate Leader Harry Reid and President Obama must stop playing politics with America’s future if we are going to preserve the American dream and create good jobs.”


Washington, Aug 6 – Iowa Congressman Tom Latham issued the following statement on Saturday following Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the U.S. credit rating:

“Standard & Poor’s had been attempting to send Washington a wake-up call since April when they changed their outlook on U.S. Treasury securities from “stable” to “negative.” Friday’s credit downgrade is yet another alarm to warn us that our national debt and reckless spending has reached a point of crisis.  It reinforces my opposition to the recent debt ceiling agreement as it did not go far enough to put us on true path towards long term fiscal sustainability.”

“Washington must heed this warning and recognize that regardless of political differences, the simple truth is that we have a responsibility as a Congress and as a government to work together to find real solutions to these problems – to put people before politics and progress before partisanship. I am, as I have always been during my service to Iowans, committed and ready to work with any members of the House or Senate, regardless of political affiliation, who are willing to join me to move our country forward on the path to fiscal responsibility to save the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.”

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