Ron Paul “It’s Time We Quit This! It’s Trillions Of Dollars We’re Spending On These Wars! Debate pt6

Ron Paul “It’s Time We Quit This! It’s Trillions Of Dollars We’re Spending On These Wars! Debate pt6


Maggie Haberman comments on the debate below:

York defends Bachmann ‘submissive’ question

By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 8/12/11 7:42 AM EDT

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York, on the receiving end of some blowback for asking Michele Bachmann a question about what being “submissive” to her husband would mean in office, defended the line on “Fox and Friends,” POLITICO’s Jennifer Epstein says:

“Well, it’s always great to be the most popular guy in the room for a while. This is a serious and legitimate question about something she has said and believe me, if she progresses very far in the campaign process, she would have been asked this question. And I personally thought she handled it very well. It was like a very human moment for her. she had been asked earlier about it by “Newsweek”, she said simply, i’ll be the decision maker. but this, I think, gave us a much better glimpse into Michelle Bachmann.”

UPDATE: POLITICO’s Molly Ball points out that Bachmann was also asked about York’s question this morning on the “Today” show, and gave a similar answer to what she delivered in the debate. However, she incorrectly said Chris Wallace – asker of the now-famous “Are you a flake?” question – was the one who posed the query.

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