2012 Presidential Republican Primary Debate In Iowa pt.4

Maggie Haberman comments on debate below:

King raps Perry entry, raises Paul’s bar

By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 8/11/11 9:29 AM EDT

Iowa Rep. Steve King, a congressional ally of Michele Bachmann who hasn’t endorsed her but is generally encouraging of her, takes issue with Rick Perry’s form of entry to the 2012 contest in a National Review Online interview:

“If he had picked any other day in the entire calendar, it would have helped him more in Iowa,” King tells National Review Online. “It’s clear that [Perry] selected the date and time to do his utmost to compete directly with the Iowa straw poll. If he wanted to be in the race here …. all he had to do was enter in the race here. He could have been on the ballot if he had just said so.”

There has been clear consternation in some Republican circles in Iowa over the path Perry has chosen, with a split opinion on whether it will hurt him long-term. Some believe the damage will be done, while others think he can prove loyalty to the caucuses if he works hard in Iowa.

King, meanwhile, also sets the bar for a strong Paul performance:

“The Ron Paul network here is stronger than I think the media has reported,” King observes. “He’s been working in thes tate a long time. He has a core of loyal followers. If there is no expectation that Ron Paul will do well in the straw poll, that’ll be a surprise.”

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