It is easy to cut the budget, start by eliminating the Dept of Education

Over and over the people representing us in Washington say they want to get serious about reducing our national debt and they want to balance the budget. One big step in the right direction would be to eliminate the Dept of Education which spends over 100 billion every year.

Nine Reasons to Abolish the Department of Education

1. The Constitution provides no authority whatsoever for the federal government to be involved in education. Eliminating the department on those grounds would help to reestablish the original understanding of the enumerated powers of the federal government.

2. No matter how brilliantly designed a federal government program may be, it creates a uniformity among states that is harmful to creativity and improvement. Getting the federal government out  of the picture would allow states and local governments to create better ways of addressing education issues and problems.

3. If education were left at the local level, parents would become more involved in reform efforts. Differences in school effectiveness among states and communities would be noted, and other regions would copy the more effective programs and policies.

4. The contest between Congress and state legislatures to demonstrate who cares more about education would be over, allowing members of Congress to focus on areas and problems for which they have  legitimate responsibility.

5. Since most information about the problems and challenges of education is present at the local level, Congress simply does not have the ability to improve learning in school classrooms thousands of miles away. These problems are best understood and addressed by local authorities and parents.

6. The inevitable pattern of bureaucracy is to grow bigger and bigger. The Department of Education should be eliminated now, before it evolves into an even larger entity consuming more and more resources that could be better spent by parents themselves.

7. The $47.6 billion spent each year by the Department of Education could be much better spent if it were simply returned to the American people in the form of a tax cut. Parents themselves could then decide how best to spend that money. (Actually in 2011 it will be over 100 billion)

8. The Department of Education has a record of waste and abuse. For example, the department reported losing track of $450 million during three consecutive General Accounting Office audits.

9. The Department of Education is an expensive failure that has added paperwork and bureaucracy but little value to the nation’s classrooms.


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