Tommy Smith is back on the air at 103.7 the buzz in Little Rock this morning

On the way into work this morning I heard Tommy Smith back on the radio at 103.7 the buzz this morning for the first time since he had been arrested. He told David and Roger that he was sorry for all the lies and he never wanted to lie again about drinking. He never wanted to take another drink in his whole life.

He is back from Palm Springs, California where he was at a facility to treat his addiction. Fifty days later he is back and last night he went to bed at 9:30pm but did not get but an hour and half of sleep because he was so nervous about this morning.

Smith said he was sorry for what he did. At first he resented the local media for blowing the whistle on him, but he realized about 5 days later that it was not their fault, but in fact their job to report everything that happened.

Smith got to watch TV every night in Palm Springs two hours every night . One hour every night after dinner then another hour after their last class of the evening. Smith also mentioned that he had found God and had been praying a lot.

A lady caller noted that she had been alcohol free for about 5 years now in a very emotional call. She noted a rainbow over Little Rock this morning and wished Tommy good luck.

Here is the report from earlier:

Popular Little Rock DJ Tommy Smith has been arrested for DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of a controlled substance and failure to stop. According to Arkansas Online, the 56-year old co-host of “The Show with No Name” on 103.7 The Buzz, an Arkansas State Police officer caught up with Smith after a hit and run on Interstate 430 was called in. The driver had crossed the median. That driver turned out to be Smith
who appeared drunk and admitted to drinking two pints of liquor and taking a Xanax. He refused a breathalzyer. Bond was set at $500.

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