Kate Middleton and Prince William: Marriage made in Heaven? (Part 60)


Michael Middleton lifts Catherine’s veil

Michael Middleton lifts Catherine’s bridal veil at the altar of Westminster

[2011] The Royal Wedding – MARRIAGE part 1

The Archbishop: “I pronounce that they be man and wife together, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” . They’re now man and wife.

[2011] The Royal Wedding – MARRIAGE part 2

I really do wish Kate and William success in their marriage. I hope they truly are committed to each other, and if they are then the result will be a marriage that lasts their whole lifetime. Nevertheless, I do not think it is best to live together before marriage like they did, and I writing this series to help couples see how best to prepare for marriage.

I read an article recently that was very helpful on this subject. “The Seven Myths of Cohabitation,” by Patrick & Dwaina Six is an article that I will be sharing in this series the next few days. Here is the fourth portion:

“But we’ll be happier. And we won’t feel tied down.” This myth sounds altruistic but is actually rather self-centered. While it’s true that marriage itself isn’t a guarantee of bliss, it’s also true that couples who live together are, on average, far less happy than married couples. In fact, an article called “The Link Between Past and Present Intimate Relationships”, printed in the Journal of Family Issues, shows that married couples have fewer disagreements than couples who live together. The marriage commitment results in both partners giving to each other in a more complete and unreserved way. Research also shows that the security of commitment in marriage offers better sexual and emotional fulfillment. So, the truth is: living together does not make a couple happier.

Chip Ingram – Two Biblical Requirements to Resolve Conflict (pt 4)

To resolve conflict effectively and Biblically there are two absolutes that both parties must agree on – do you know what they are? Without this framework, you can try all kinds of things to avoid or resolve conflict in your marriage and relationships, but you probably won’t be successful. Listen and discover the common ground that can literally transform even the most challenging points of conflict. Want to learn more? Download the full message from guest speaker Tim Lundy for free at: http://www.venturechristian.org/files/sermons2/t032011.mp3

Weekend to Remember Story – Dennis Rainey


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