Kate Middleton and Prince William: Marriage made in Heaven? (Part 55)

The Royal Wedding Ceremony of William and Kate Live part 3/4

I really do wish Kate and William success in their marriage. I hope they truly are committed to each other, and if they are then the result will be a marriage that lasts their whole lifetime. Nevertheless, I do not think it is best to live together before marriage like they did, and I am writing this series to help couples see how best to prepare for marriage.
• Cohabitation also deteriorates parental authority. For single parents who are interested in the spiritual training of their children, cohabitation makes the strength of their message weaker.  ”How can mom tell me not to do something when she moved us into his house before they were married?” I’ve heard many an adolescent ask.  ”Good point,” I respond.  I’ll never forget hearing one child say, “We go to church, but I’m not sure why.  In the end, my dad lives by convenience.  That’s why he lives with Marsha.”  Parents who want children who live by God’s moral standards must themselves live by those same standards, no matter how “impractical” it may be. (Ron L. Deal, from Growthtrac.com article “The Elephant in the Bedroom”)

Weekend to Remember Story – Dennis Rainey

Tim Hawkins – “Some Songs Should Be One Verse”

Revelation (Biblical Numbers 4 of 4)-Dr Adrian Rogers

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s topper stood out in a sea of hats—there’s just something about a full-on electric blue ensemble that grabs your attention.

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