Arnold Schwarzenegger’s response to Mildred’s revelation, “Cool!”

A month after it was revealed that she fathered a love child with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Sperminator’s low-key housekeeper is finally talking.

In a sit-down with Hello! magazine, Mildred Baena said that when she first told her now-13-year-old son that his real dad was none other than Schwarzenegger, his response was short and sweet: “Cool!”

You get the feeling there’s a part for him in the next Terminator film ?

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The Guatemalan-born domestic worker also set the record straight about when she first realized Schwarzenegger was the father and how estranged wife Maria Shriver found out about thei extramarital affair .

“It was as [my son] grew and I started to see the resemblance that I wondered—but it became more apparent as time went on,” said Baena, a mother of three who was married at the time she and Schwarzenegger were getting it on. She divorced shortly after her son’s birth.

Baena, who worked in the Schwarzenegger household for 20 years and had a close relationship with the family, said that when she brought her son to the Schwarzenegger home one summer, a number of people commented on his resemblance to Arnold, but it was finally Shriver who broached the subject of her betrayal and her hubby pumping a little more than iron.

“She would say things like, ‘I’m here if you need to talk.’ I sensed something was up. I have so much love and respect for Maria,” Baena said. “Finally, she asked point blank.”

At that point, Baena broke down and confessed, but to her shock and amazement, instead of anger, she recalled that her boss was surprisingly compassionate—especially given Shriver was pregnant with her and Schwarzenegger’s son Christopher at the same time Mildred was pregnant (the two boys were born three weeks apart).

“She was so strong. She cried with me and told me to get off my knees. We held each other and I told her it wasn’t Arnie’s fault, that it takes two,” Baena said.

Schwarzenegger has since taken responsibility, buying Baena and her son a house in Bakersfield and helping them financially.

After the scandal broke, the illegitimate baby mama remained tight-lipped about their affair and went into hiding. But now that their secret is out, a contrite Baena has nothing but sympathy for Schwarzenegger.

“He’s a good man and I know he’s suffering too. He loves Maria. I hope with time they work things out,” she said.

Better late than never

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