Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver: Dr. Gary Chapman offers hope


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver: Dr. Gary Chapman offers hope

  • By Radell Smith, Atlanta Pop Culture Examiner
  • May 19, 2011 10:39 am ET

With over four million copies of his bestseller “The Five Love Languages” under his belt, Dr. Gary Chapman went on to write other popular books as well, and one of them can help “Terminator” action star Arnold Schwarzenegger and his politically-connected wife Maria Shriver to find some measure of hope in what appears by most media accounts to be a hopeless situation. In fact, Chapman’s books could help you or someone you know who is in a similar troubled marriage.

“Maria hasn’t decided if she wants to end her marriage,” CBS reported, citing a source quoted in People Magazine. That means the Schwarzeneggers may still reconcile. Given Arnold’s penchant for beating odds few other men have mastered, it wouldn’t be prudent to write him off at this stage.

Arnold and Maria Shriver’s current marital problems highlight a recurring theme in Hollywood, politics and everyday life: a cheating spouse. So what’s the situation to this universal problem? Do you chuck a marriage when it hits rough spots like this or do you stay for the long haul?

Fox News medical A-team member Dr. Keith Ablow, a New York Times bestselling author too and psychiatrist concurs with Dr. Gary Chapman regarding cases of infidelity like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver:

“As surprising as this news is to some, I doubt it can come as a complete shock to Ms. Shriver and I believe it need not signal the end of her marriage.”

Ablow emphasizes that “Marriage is a terrifically difficult journey for the vast majority of those who commit to it. Passion wanes, often ending entirely.” Most Americans can emphatize with those words and attest to their validity.

This famous couple, like others around the country, stand on a precipice right now that threatens their marriage and the relationships they share with their children. And odds are you know someone who has betrayed a spouse or been the one betrayed within your circle of family and friends or business associates, too.

According to Reuters, as the cheating spouse, Arnold continues to take a bashing in the media for his fall from grace, including being the butt of comedienne’s jokes. A cheating spouse tends to get that response, and few question it. But the fact remains that while Maria Shriver has hired a divorce attorney, she is still undecided about whether this infidelity will end her marriage or not.

Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The Four Seasons of Marriage” offers hope and direction to couples like the Schwarzeneggers (and yes, even in that kind of public pressure cooker marriage there is still hope).

Chapman’s book offers hope to the average couple as well, and it even broaches the topic of divorce, since there will be some marital situations that go in that direction, regardless of efforts made to resurrect it (Sandra Bullock and Jesse James come to mind).

Biblically, since Chapman is a Christian author, advice from the nationally-recognized marriage therapist adheres to reconcilation if at all possible. And CBS says that Maria hasn’t ruled out reconciliation as an option. But scripture does teach that instances of infidelity can be grounds biblically for the termination of a marriage, and Maria has hired an attorney who specializes in that.

It remains to be seen whether Maria Shriver will consider her marriage worth saving or go the way of Sandra Bullock and Elin Nordegren by seeking divorce from her husband. But for those in Georgia who are experiencing the same difficulty, or fear your marriage is heading in that direction, you might want to check out Dr. Gary Chapman’s The Four Seasons of Marriage to see what you can do about it before it ends up in divorce court.

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