Andrew Breitbart spoke to Little Rock, Arkansas group May 25, 2011 (Part 4,the media world has changed with cable, Fox News, and the web)

Andrew Breibart spoke in Little Rock on May 25, 2011

Andrew Breitbart in Arkansas

The second monthly luncheon with featured speaker Andrew Breitbart was excellent. (Check out the Tolbert Report for more coverage of this event.)

First, we got to hear from Dave Elswick of KARN   who came up with the idea of this luncheon, and then from Teresa Crossland of Americans for Prosperity.

Below is a story Breitbart told at the luncheon today. He had earlier told it on Sean Hannity’s show:

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Over the last few years, one man has been at the center of some of the biggest and most controversial stories in politics. His websites have helped usher in a new era of conservative investigative journalism.

His name, Andrew Breitbart, and tonight he joins us right here in studio to talk about his brand new book “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World.” We’ve got, got We got —



BREITBART: We are going to take on education next, go after the teachers and the union organizers.

HANNITY: You want to really save the world?

BREITBART: I do. It is not just me. It is a citizen journalism revolution that’s going on right now and I’m trying to be the pied piper to show you how — in the case of James O’Keefe, he took down ACORN with $1,400 to go city to city to city. The barrier of entry is negligible to have impact in this political environment.

HANNITY: You tell the story. It’s a pretty good story how he walks into your office and he talks about we’re going to take down ACORN and you said, no, no, it is bigger than that. We are going to take down journalism.

BREITBART: Yes, we’re going to take down the mainstream media. I mean, look — explain to me why James O’Keefe or Leila Rose or some of these other heroes of the new media come to me in my basement, instead of going to Katie Couric, NBC or ABC?

Because they know what they are exposing is corruption that is left of center corruption so they come to a guy in a basement. I say, we are going to expose that the media won’t cover this story, because they’re part of what I call the Democrat media complex, the natural alliance of the Democratic Party, liberal politics in the mainstream media.

HANNITY: I used the term in 2008, the media is dead. Media died in 2008, old mainstream media. Well, it is true, right?


HANNITY: Look at the NBC, CBS, ABC, they’re contemplating whether they want to keep their nightly newscast on now.

BREITBART: Well, here’s what happened, 20 years ago, Rush Limbaugh comes in the game. He acts as checks and balance. The Matt Drudge comes in 15 years ago and then blogosphere explodes. All we did was ask of the mainstream media was to correct their bias problem.

HANNITY: Add Fox to that —

BREITBART: Of course, but as a result of that, when they wouldn’t correct themselves, citizens in the form of the Tea Party, citizens in the form of Hanna and James and people with video cameras going everywhere said if you are not going to correct yourself, we’re going to create a media in the wake of you incompetency.

And that’s what happening. It’s the most exciting time in the media and unfortunately, the mainstream media so upset about it. It covers it as if we’re the villains out there.

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