Candidate #9 Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential Hopefuls (Part Four, 7 Questions Christians Must Ask Before Voting For A Mormon Part C)

Romney’s Faith & Politics Speech (Part 3)

This is part 3 of 3 of Governor Mitt Romney’s speech on his Mormon Faith and Politics at the George HW Bush Presidential Library in Texas.


The following is written by Rev Sherwood Haisty Jr. of Santa Monica, California. Sherwood has pastored churches in Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and California and currently he is the process of finishing up his Masters degree at the Masters Seminary.  I personally do differ with Sherwood on some of his points concerning Mitt Romney, but I agree with some too. Judge for yourself what you think. This was written during the Presidential Primary in 2008 and Sherwood posted this on


7 Questions Christians Must Ask Before Voting For A Mormon

In the current field of candidates, is Mitt Romney the best person qualified to be President, of the United States? 

I would answer no for several reasons beginning with his flip, flop, flip again inconsistency and political expediency.

However others may disagree with me and trust Romney and look to his money and say he is our man and is our best candidate.  I think Christians can size those things up in different ways.  I am thankful that many, many, Evangelicals are waking up to the idea that Huckabee can win and the poll numbers have shown a mega-shift to Huckabee in recent weeks.

I believe Mitt is not the best candidate and he is no more electable than Huckabee anymore.

However, I do not think the above questions are the only questions for me as an Evangelical that I should be asking.  If I am asking myself, would Romney be an okay President?, then I might support him but there are real concerns and some risk.  You know, the flip, flop, flip, again stuff really does concern me.

But there are several other questions that I think Evangelicals should ask before supporting Romney for President or any other Mormon for that high office.

This is the final reason:

#7  Do I believe that voting for a Mormon who prays to a false god and a counterfeit Christ, would have any access through prayer to the true God, and do I think prayer matters?

I do not believe that a Mormon praying to his god for help or wisdom has any hope for an answer to his prayer.  I do think answered prayer matters.  To say that answered prayer doesn’t matter is another way of saying that God Himself doesn’t matter.  That a President by his own wisdom can make decisions and not be in need of Divine help.  This idea is unacceptable to me as well.  It is true that we have had Presidents who were lost and did not have their prayers for wisdom and help answered either.  This is not to fail to acknowledge that the true God could answer the people’s prayers for their President.  But it seems if we can choose between someone who prays to the right God and someone who prays to a false god that cannot hear, we would be wise to choose someone who can pray to the true God and get wisdom and help in time of need.   We also must remember that not everyone who claims to be a Christian really is even if they go to a Baptist Church.  But if we can see fruit in someone’s life who is a respectable Christian with a biblical worldview, I would think that he would be a far better choice than anyone else who has no hope of God hearing their prayers unless they themselves repent and get saved first.  So I again could not vote for a Mormon.

These are the questions that I ask myself.  They are not the same set of questions that many are asking.  It is a different matter than asking if I think Romney would make an okay President.

I think that the questions that I have set forth are very, very, important and should be considered by all Christians before voting for a Mormon for President.

Non-Christians and others who do not share my views regarding the values of souls, the reality of heaven and hell, and that do not agree that Mormonism is a false and deceptive cult, will likely dismiss my questions as irrelevant.

There will be those in our post-modern era who will attempt to address my remarks as bigoted and intolerant because they reject absolute truth.

There will be some Christians I feel who will wilt under the peer pressure of the politically correct culture and dismiss my questions as well.

I can testify that as a guest writer on other blogs, that people will call you a bigot and say mean things if you take a stand and actually have the gall to say that you can’t vote for a Mormon for President because of his religion.  Our tolerant society is not so tolerant of people with religious convictions.

But for Evangelical Christians who live thoughtfully by their convictions, I address these questions to you for your consideration.

Would you answer the seven questions that I have raised with the same answers as I have?  If so, I think we have reached agreement.  If not, at least we can understand each other.

For me, I cannot in good conscience vote for a Mormon for President.  The implications and ramifications are just too high spiritually.  Out of conviction, as a loyal Republican who wouldn’t vote for Hillary for anything, I still would not vote for Mitt Romney if he won the nomination and were running against Hillary.  I would vote independent, third-party, or not cast a vote.  That is how strong I feel about not voting for a Mormon for President.

There are even more reason based in their theology and the belief of some Mormons that Mitt could be the beginning of fulfilled prophecy and that the kingdom will be ruled from Missouri.  I have had one Mormon respond to a blog I wrote and said that Mitt will become President according these ideas and that I and nobody else could stop it.

I hope all this at least sheds some light on why I don’t believe that Christians should vote for a Mormon.  For more information about what Mormons believe go to the blog page on this site and read the article…

Huckabee Ask, Does Mormonism Teach That Jesus and the Devil Are Brothers?

God bless.

Your fellow bond-servant in Christ,

Sherwood Haisty, Jr.


Evangelical Preacher: A Vote for Romney Is a Vote for Satan

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