Top Ten List of greatest soccer players: E. Hatcher’s list v. W. Hatcher’s list (Part 1)

This is a fun series that my son Wilson and I are starting today about the greatest soccer players of all time. Today we will discuss the list below and then give our 10th best player and later we will give #9.

Wilson: 10 David Beckham- There is no one who can curve the ball quite as good as Beckham. He has led the English team for 3 World Cups and he has been a very successful player.

Best 20 goals of David Beckham (Part 4-Final)

Everette: My 10th best player is Brian McBride and I think this video clip says it all.

Brian McBride – US soccer legend

Below is a list of the best 10 players. I do not agree totally with the list.

Best Soccer (Football) Players of All Time


The Top Ten


Your List
TheTopTens List

1Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)

“This is a century old question that will impact future generations, some say that he won everything with the best team, but in that same thought, remember this is a team game. Pele was terror to any goalie, he only presence in the area shuke fear in their very core. But beyond that a player goes beyond the field, sets standards of living for other players and fans, the only one to positively do this is not but Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, any more questions check his numbers.

“Just look at his goals on You Tube, he could whack the from a mile out or dribble them into the back of the net, he was the most complete player the game has ever seen and unlike modern players didn’t have the comfort of referees protection… opposing players tried to kick him off the park. I remember seeing him in the early 70’s and frankly it was a time to really watch football rather than spoilt brats thinking they are a lot better than they really are.

“When you see this guy play, it’s like everything else around you doesn’t matter. The ringing phone doesn’t disturb you. The chatter of the people makes no impact on you at all. It’s just him, him and his game. Pele wasn’t just another amazing football player, he was an excellent one, a prodigy, incomparable, and probably, someone this world will never see again in the next 100 years. He simply is, a football legend.


More comments about Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)

2Cristiano Ronaldo

“he is the perfect player, A complete package who can drible, juggle, freekick, deadly crosses, long range efforts, never ending stamina, great accuracy with both feets, serious pace, his hight which he can achieve when he jumps for the ball, perfect body shape, unforgetble free kicks and last but not the least he is from portugal and unarguabley he is the player they have ever produced and might not produce same again, his coutry of origin is not that famous as for pele, maradona, messi, ronaldhino and zidane but still he is now among them which means his will and hungar for goals and win is greater then any of em! I love his style!

“I just had to! he is one of the best, he scores goal, he set up goals, good at taking free kicks ^^ he is the most skillful player ever lived! he made a good decision to leave man utd because now he can go up against he’s arch rival lionel messi which he lost to a couple of time but he never gave up thats exactly the pasion you want for football! he’s the best and you all know it but just wont admit it…

“Crisitiano Ronaldo Is amazing, His an inspiration. He inspires me to play soccer and to live my dreams. ” Im living a dream I never want to wake up from” Thanks Ronaldo youve shown me that anyone can be anything & live up there dreams you just gotta make it happen & Believe. Love you Cristiano! Good luck in the future (:

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3Ronaldo (Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima)“ronaldo is the greatest striker ever played football with that speed an skill he’s the best ever may i call him the phonomonen, the king , the number 9,the best ever rooooooooooooooooooonaldo“Ronaldo is the best footballplayer I have seen!Thestar_lol“how is he not number 1? he’s the maddest player ever, SCREW PELEdecorulez97More comments about Ronaldo (Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima)
4Diego Maradona

“maradona is much better then ronaldo, cristiano ronaldo and much better than Pele he’s so dumb I dot even know him wow that is sad right. Diego Maradona may score a goal with his hand but thats how smart he’s he always want’s to win and never wants to lose like some other. you should put him number 1. He can dribble all the field without losing the ball that must be cool. Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo can’t do that. I don’t know about Pele couse again I don’t know him. Everybody thinks he’s a bad player only because they are jelous. He’s not sneaky because it is not his foult that the revery didn’t look. What would you say if he didn’t score with his hand. If that never happend you would say he’s far far the best player in the world.

“no one can move the ball with such pin-point accuracy as Maradona can (and still can at the age of 50)… Pele’s goal score is misleading. Half of his goal scores came from unofficial matches, including state and suburban competitions, practice matches, and meaningless club friendlies. He recorded these goals unofficially himself, how petty! This explains why his record of the number of matches he played was much higher than fellow Brazilian players at the time. He could win no world cup in the 50s and 60s if he was born in Argentina.

“Diego Maradonna was the greatest and had skill no other footballer could even dream of. He was better than Pele.

Some of the names on this list though are an absolute joke like Beckham rated at 11 and Michael Owen being rated so highly. Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer are way better footballers than both Owen and Beckham who shouldn’t even be anywhere near the list. Especially Beckham the most over rated player in the history of the game.


More comments about Diego Maradona

5Zinedine Zidane

“Put France back onto the worldwide football map.

His playing skills were simply marvelous, amazing, punctuated in my opinion by his incredible performance against Brazil in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. At that point of his career he was more Brazilian than any Brazilian at the time.

Always present when needed, he led France to back-to-back major championships in 1998 and 2002.
Came back in 2006 and almost won it for France in overtime with another amazing headshot (his specialty in the Finals) blocked by a certain Gianluigi Buffon, at the top of his craft.

Zidane’s name should be well ahead of the two Ronaldo’s. Cristiano is a great player but he hasn’t won anyhting worthy now and probably won’t.

“Zindane is higher than Ronaldhino.
Ronaldhino cant play big games. He can never use his tricks when he play. The fake u-tube video(gitting the post several times) does not make him great.
Pele …dont know about hi. Looking at the videos, i dont think he can be compared to Zidane.
Football was different then. It was not competetive.
Pele is better than general but not great because he did not face great opposition and he didnt have magic touches like zidane or other players have these days. he was just a mere shooter like Trazeguet….he got lucky. But zico is better in Brazilian player.

“not the most amazing but the best, the coolest, one of the most passionate, the best playmaker, the greatest player ever!
i’m not french, he’s never played for my team, I am totally neutral and rarely wrong! 😀

More comments about Zinedine Zidane


“He is the greatest, a perfect dribbler, free-kick taker, Guys don’t forget the free-kick against England on the quarter finals on 2002 world cup. He was great in Barcelona too, where he remarkably gained popularity and love of millions of fans, I really don’t think any other player has such a dribbling ability. When I see his videos of Barcelona and Bralizian days of him I feel so happy to see his style of play, Two times World Player of the year consecutively is not a joke. He is the god for me and all the other DIHNO’s fans.


“no one can tosh him he is a ninja he is di only complete footballer in di world only man I see use is back to make a true pass is that amazing marodana could not class with him di reason why he use drugs to play di game I would not have marodana in my 5,000 thousand list

More comments about Ronaldinho

7Lio Messi

“What! is this possible? Messi down here? I frankly think you guys should throw away those Black and White televisions and get a better one. What are you even telling me? That Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo Zidane Zico Jari Litmanen(No way) and Gheorghe Hagi(Who is this guy anyway) are better than Messi? Even Maradona can’t compare himself with Messi, Almost all the things Maradona did, he did them when he was high but Messi doing his stuffs with clear eyes, That guy is almost the greatest and he will be very soon. This is how the real list should be:
1. Pele(No doubt about that)
2. Ronaldinho (The most gifted feet in football ever)
3. Messi (The magnetic touch and heading towards the 2nd position soon)
4. Xavi (The 360 degrees turn master)
5. Cruyff (First apprentice of the total football). Then maybe
6. Maradona (The King of stamina)

“He is a fantastic team player (unlike C. Ronaldo)
He can dribble like Maradona.
He has scored more goals in one season in La Liga than Ronaldo (the better one)
He never seems to dive (he realises he has better impact on the game if he stays on his feet)
When he is fouled he rarely flies off the handle. (Unlike Maradona)
He would never (and has never) claimed to be the best player ever over others.
He generally keeps quiet and lets his football do the talking. (Unlike Pele)
Admittedly, I am biased and am too young to have a fully informed viewpoint. I am CERTAIN Messi is better than CR7, to suggest otherwise is dellusional…

“How can C. Ronaldo be a better player than Messi. Messi is a better dribbler, better passer and he has an exellent accuracy(when hitting on the target), an accuracy which C. Ronaldo will never have. The only thing that C. Ronaldo can do better then Messi is run faster and hit stronger, but thats nothing if you don’t have accuracy(from 10 shots only 1 is on the target). He is just hitting the ball(by luck) until one of the will go straight to the goals. So what I whant is Messi is a better player than C. Ronaldo. I hope most of the people will agree with me.

More comments about Lio Messi

8Zico“his free kick could kill any goalkeeper…Mpafoklaniaris“He is a coach of FENERBAHÇE…Fenerbahçe was played quarter final match with chelsea in CL.Fenerbahçe will be most valuable football clup with Arthur ZÄ°COWE LOVE WHÄ°TE PELE ‘ZÄ°CO’MAWENSY“he is the best turkey footballer over i’m love it

he’s the best; )

More comments about Zico

9Jari Litmanen“See some old footage him playing… Simply the best!“He is the greatest Finnish player in history! he is very good and reminds of the prime time of Soccer!“Unbelievable first touch on ball and he is always aware what is happening in game. He has eyes on his back. Definitely a big team player. He is master of passes and he can shoot accurately too.
10Gheorghe Hagi

“truly one of the greatest players what the world had, only a miracle had held back Romania to reach the World Cup 1994 Semi Finals with him


“The BEST player in Turkey and one of the best in the world.. Turkey and Galatasaray will never forget him!..


“The current romanian football needs NOW a football player like Hagi! (or more players better than Ghorghe Hagi, like me:) )

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Top Ten List of greatest soccer players: E. Hatcher’s list v. W. Hatcher’s list (Part 1)

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