Candidate #9 Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential Hopefuls (Part three, 7 Questions Christians Must Ask Before Voting For A Mormon Part B)

Huckabee Apologizes To Mitt Romney For Mormon Question

At Des Moines University, 12/12/2007


The following is written by Rev Sherwood Haisty Jr. of Santa Monica, California. Sherwood has pastored churches in Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and California and currently he is the process of finishing up his Masters degree at the Masters Seminary.  I personally do differ with Sherwood on some of his points concerning Mitt Romney, but I agree with some too. Judge for yourself what you think. This was written during the Presidential Primary in 2008 and Sherwood posted this on

7 Questions Christians Must Ask Before Voting For A Mormon

In the current field of candidates, is Mitt Romney the best person qualified to be President, of the United States? 

However others may disagree with me and trust Romney and look to his money and say he is our man and is our best candidate.  I think Christians can size those things up in different ways.  I am thankful that many, many, Evangelicals are waking up to the idea that Huckabee can win and the poll numbers have shown a mega-shift to Huckabee in recent weeks.

I believe Mitt is not the best candidate and he is no more electable than Huckabee anymore.

However, I do not think the above questions are the only questions for me as an Evangelical that I should be asking.  If I am asking myself, would Romney be an okay President?, then I might support him but there are real concerns and some risk.  You know, the flip, flop, flip, again stuff really does concern me.

But there are several other questions that I think Evangelicals should ask before supporting Romney for President or any other Mormon for that high office.

They are these…

#4  Would the election of Mitt Romney as President be likely used by Mormons in America and worldwide as a point of reference to ascert that Mormonism is a respectable Christian denomination and would Mormon missionaries use a Romney Presidency to advance their own evangelistic attempts at redifining Mormonism and representing their religion in a good light?

Answer yes!  Absolutely, my experience with Mormon missionaries leads me expect them to seek to continue the rouge that Mormonism is really Christian.  They would most definitely point to Mitt Romney -especially if he were a popular President with a good family life- and  would use Romney as a lifestyle witness for their faith.  They could say, “You can have what the President has, here is a book  of Mormon, etc.”

#5  Do I believe that the growth of Mormonism worldwide is harmful?

Answer yes!  Very, it leads people into spiritual darkness with a counterfeit gospel.

#6  Do I value the souls of men and women boys and girls worldwide over my political concerns?

Answer yes!  I love my country very much and am a pashionate conservative, but my countries welfare is only temporal matter.  People being deceived and going to Hell is an eternal matter.  I believe we should put eternal matters over temporal ones.  I cannot in good conscience do anything that I believe would advance a false gospel that would lead others to hell.  Therefore I cannot under any conditions vote for a Mormon for President because I believe it would have that undesirable effect.

Romney’s Faith & Politics Speech (Part 2)

his is part 2 of 3 of Governor Mitt Romney’s speech on his Mormon Faith and Politics at the George HW Bush Presidential Library in Texas

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