USC Football and Lane Kiffin Slammed by NCAA as appeal is shot down

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104091164_crop_340x234Stephen Dunn/Getty ImagesLane Kiffin Gets What He Deserves As NCAA Rejects USC Football AppealTennessee Volunteer fans all over the nation are smiling.  It could be a “I love life” smile or a “I’m having such a great day” smile, but it’s most likely an “evil” smile.  Congrats though, after being stabbed in the back, it’s nice to see the back-stabber fall flat on his face.

The NCAA rejected an appeal by USC to lessen its punishment for improper recruiting.

USC will not be able to participate in any post-season games for the second straight season.  They will also lose 30 scholarships for the next three years.

Just smile with the Vol fans.  USC head coach Lane Kiffin is getting what he had coming to him.

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Kiffin fooled America in his departure from the Oakland Raiders.  He put on some sad puppy dog eyes, brought his wife on live television, and told the world that he wasn’t treated fairly by Al Davis.  Davis repeatedly exclaimed Kiffin was a liar, but it’s Al Davis so most people sided with Kiffin.

During his days in Tennessee the truth came out about Kiffin being a scumbag.  As soon as he put on orange for the first time he started preaching how Alabama was going down and he openly accused other schools including Florida and Urban Meyer of recruiting violations (how ironic).

After winning over recruit after recruit selling Tennessee dominance over the next decade, he split for USC after just one year.

Just to add more to Kiffin’s dirty resume, according to ESPN’s Chris Low, “Kiffin told recruit Alshon Jeffrey that if he chose the Gamecocks, he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life like all the other players from that state who had gone to South Carolina.”

Poor Monte, he builds up such a good name for the Kiffin’s and Lane just blows it up.

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