Andrew Breitbart spoke to Little Rock, Arkansas group May 25, 2011 (Part 3,one time default cultural liberal, but now a conservative )

Andrew Breibart spoke in Little Rock on May 25, 2011

Andrew Breitbart in Arkansas Dave Elswick Chicago and Introduction.wmv

Conservative film activist Andrew Breitbart spoke in Little Rock on Wednseday May 25th at the Hilton Hotel. The room was packed with conservative activist and Tea Party members. Breitbart talked about dealing with the liberal media and how the left indoctrinate the public on so many levels. Americans for Prosperity hosted the event.

The second monthly luncheon with featured speaker Andrew Breitbart was excellent. (Check out the Tolbert Report for more coverage of this event.)

First, we got to hear from Dave Elswick of KARN   who came up with the idea of this luncheon, and then from Teresa Crossland of Americans for Prosperity. 

Below is a story Breitbart told at the luncheon today. He had earlier told it on Sean Hannity’s show: 

HANNITY: Can I ask you, why all the personal stuff? I mean, there’s too much information —

BREITBART: In my book, are you talking about or —

HANNITY: I’m talking about your book because — I didn’t know this about you. I didn’t know you were a radical hippie —

BREITBART: I wasn’t a radical hippie, I was a party boy.

HANNITY: All right, big party boy –


HANNITY: And you give the details — there’s a reason to your madness because you advise people that want to get in this fight, you better be ready to be smeared and you better tell your story yourself.

BREITBART: Well, the huge problem with the conservative movement as I see it, most of the people have gone through the conservative movement and they don’t realize that there’s so many people out there of value who are default cultural liberals.

If you’ve graduated from a college, if you’ve watched MTV your entire life, if you have gone to the movies, you are a default cultural liberal and I was one of them, and I awakened to that.

HANNITY: Great story.

BREITBART: What I’m trying to show people in the book is that 50 percent of the people who consider themselves independent or even liberal may actually be conservative and what I want to do is awaken them by showing them how I awakened. And then what you can do about at least neutralizing the imbalance in the media.

HANNITY: You addressed the issued that if you are somebody like Andrew Breitbart and you are going to take on ACORN with Hanna and James, if you are going to take on the media, the complex as you call it in the book, you go into specific details.

First of all, you are telling people that there are plenty openings if this is what you want to do, but be prepared for, you know, being demonized, beaten up, smeared, slandered and how to deal with it. By the way, I think you have become one of the most hated man out there in the country.

Andrew Breitbart in Arkansas Media destroying our culture.wmv

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