John Brummett :Glad the Fayetteville Finger died, but will there be lots of little Fayetteville Fingers? (Part 22)

John Brummett in his article, “It’s a ‘little-bitty controversy,” Arkansas News Bureau, May 26, 2011 noted:

The Republicans said that “even left-leaning columnist John Brummett” had said on Roby Brock’s Talk Business show Sunday night that, conceivably, the Democratic dominance of this board could result in new state House and Senate districts that would include a whole bunch of “little bitty Fayetteville Fingers.”

In the first place: What does the word “even” mean in that construction? Is it that “even that idiot in the newspaper” sees it our way? Why, then, covet an alliance with an idiot?

In the second place, “left-leaning,” to which I’ll admit more days than not, applies to matters of philosophy, not to knee-jerk partisan matters of procedural behavior in drawing of district maps.

There is no left-leaning position on mapping, which would help explain why I found so offensive that “Fayetteville Finger,” by which Democrats wanted to redraw state legislative districts to carve Fayetteville out of the 3rd District and attach it conspicuously to the 4th.

There can be a party position on legislative districts, you see, but not a philosophical position — beyond, that is, righteous indignation over gerrymandering, whatever its partisan persuasion….

The eventual issue here — the one to which I alluded by invoking potential little-bitty Fayetteville Fingers — is whether Beebe and McDaniel can be sufficiently deft and subtle. The Fayetteville Finger was a brazen overreach, the mapping of which revealed its own heavy-handedness.

So let us take a few deep breaths and wait for Beebe and McDaniel to show us what they have in the desk drawer. Brazen overreaching and heavy-handedness — those, if evident, will be cause for Republican whining. Even a left-leaning columnist would agree.

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