John Brummett :Are public forums on redistricting a sham without Democratic maps provided? Will there be lots of little Fayetteville Fingers? (Part 24)

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John Brummett in his article, “It’s a ‘little-bitty controversy,” Arkansas News Bureau, May 26, 2011 noted:
It is the job of state political party operatives to be ridiculous and to seek to make mindless partisan points out of the most common or routine matter.
The staff at the Arkansas Republican Party’s headquarters is, sure enough, doing its job.
On Tuesday the GOP’s hyperactive public information people issued a news release essentially alleging that Gov. Mike Beebe and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, being Democrats who will compose two-thirds of the board that must redraw state legislative districts, might very well behave as partisan Democrats in their execution of this constitutional responsibility.
What might be the basis of this … well, I started to say “charge,” but will go instead with “belaboring of the painfully obvious?”
It is that neither Beebe nor McDaniel has released any of the redistricting maps that they surely already have prepared without the courtesy of conferring with the third member… Republican secretary of state, Mark Martin.
It is that Beebe and McDaniel are supposedly making a mockery of the public hearing process now being undertaken by seeking pointless public comments with no plan on the table for any context.The eventual issue here — the one to which I alluded by invoking potential little-bitty Fayetteville Fingers — is whether Beebe and McDaniel can be sufficiently deft and subtle. The Fayetteville Finger was a brazen overreach, the mapping of which revealed its own heavy-handedness.
So let us take a few deep breaths and wait for Beebe and McDaniel to show us what they have in the desk drawer. Brazen overreaching and heavy-handedness — those, if evident, will be cause for Republican whining. Even a left-leaning columnist would agree.
P.S. — If the state is tilting Republican in the way I think, maps will matter less than moods, anyway
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