Candidate #4,Congressman Ron Paul: Republican Presidential Hopefuls (Part 7)(A Night with Ron Paul Part F)

Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron

Pt 6/6 Ron Paul  4/15/11 CSPAN

Ron Paul is becoming more and more popular because the country is coming over more to his Libertarian way of thinking. People see the federal government increasing to 24.7 % of GDP when it had been below 4% the first 150 years of our nation’s existence. Just yesterday Jason Tolbert reported that the Libertarian party in Arkansas gathered more than enough signatures to get their candidate on the ballot in Arkansas. I have had an overwhelming response to these blog posts I have done on Ron Paul. This is actually my  seventh post. My posting of Milton Friedman videos has been relentless also. People are ready for liberty to return and want to get rid of massive government control of our lives!!!

Robert Wenzel, Editor & Publisher of the Economy Policy Journal wrote a fine article “On the road with Ron Paul,” May 2, 2011. I will be posting portions of that article the next few days. Here is the sixth part:

During his speech, he told the crowd that when Alan Greenspan was Fed chairman, he got Alan Greenspan to sign a copy of a paper Greenspan wrote in 1966 where he called for a gold standard and against the concept of a central bank.

Dr. Paul said that he  asked Greenspan if he still held the beliefs as outlined in the 1966 paper, and Greenspan said that he believed every bit in them. Dr. Paul then said he has still not been able to square how Greenspan held those beliefs and could hold the position of Federal Reserve chairman.

Ron Paul answers questions from a television reporter in Reno, Nevada at a Republican breakfast for Dr. Paul.

On the way to the airport, we talked about the metal in coins again. I mis-spoke and said the current penny had 75% copper. It’s really the nickel that contains 75% copper and Dr. Paul caught my error immediately and politely said, “Oh I think it is a lot less than that.” When I corrected myself and said the pre-1982 penny (which is 95% copper) now has almost 3 cents worth of metal in it. He said with some glee. “They [The Fed] have turned the copper coin into a coin with real value.”

At the airport, an airport employee asked to have his picture taken with Dr. Paul. At the hotel earlier, Dr. Paul posed for a couple of pictures with me but the pictures were a bit dark because of the hotel lighting. I had forgotten, but Dr Paul remembered and said to me, “Let’s get another shot here in the light.”

Dr. Paul then gave another radio interview with a Reno station, and reported back to us that the interviewer asked him to come to the studio next time for an interview.

My visit with Dr. Paul was just about over. I was prepared to head back to the hotel and catch a quick nap, when Dr. Paul leaned over to me, and after what he had called the busiest week of his life, said to me, “I can’t wait to get home so I can go bicycling.”

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