Seth Myers makes fun of Republican Presidential Candidates

Seth Myers hits republicans and democrats in his jokes.

Yahoo News reported this morning in the article “Obama ridicules, Trump at Correspondents’ dinner, mocks ‘birther’ crusade” by Rachel Rose Hartman:

But that didn’t mean journalists were spared any ridicule Saturday night.

The evening’s celebrity host Seth Meyers, “Saturday Night Live” writer and star, mocked some of the industry’s best-known faces.

“Katie [Couric] was known best for asking those tough questions like, ‘name a newspaper,” Meyers said, referencing Couric’s 2008 interview with Sarah Palin. “Years of hard-hitting questions, and she’s going to be remembered for the one that could have doubled as a category on ‘The Family Feud.’ “

On Juan Williams, the NPR journalist fired after saying he gets nervous on a plane when he sees people dressed in “Muslim garb,” Meyers said, “so Juan is black and afraid of Muslims, making him the least likely man to get a cab in New York City.”

But some of Meyers most biting remarks were reserved for 2012 hopefuls and the president himself.

Meyers suggested Romney’s book “No Apologies” actually indicated Romney made many mistakes. “If I come home from a trip to Vegas and the first thing I say to my girlfriend is ‘no apologies,’ we’re gonna have a follow up conversation,” Meyers quipped.

Meyers made fun of Trump’s hair, likening it to a fox that would be happy to finish the leftovers at his table, said Pawlenty makes Al Gore look like drag queen RuPaul, and joked that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and son Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have something in common with Meyers and his own father: “we’re also not going to get elected president.”

Meyers also took a few digs at Obama.

“Who knows if they can beat you in 2012?” Meyers said of the potential GOP field. “But I’ll tell you who can definitely beat you, Mr. President–2008 Barack Obama,” he said, standing feet from the commander-in-chief as the audience roared with laughter. “You would have loved him–so charismatic, so charming. Was he a little too idealistic? Maybe. But you would have loved him.”

And Meyers also took note of the toll the presidency has apparently taken on the president’s appearance. Meyers said the First Lady looked even more beautiful at Saturday’s dinner than she did on Inauguration Day 2009. “But you, Mr. President have aged a little,” Meyers said. “What happened to you? When you were sworn in you looked like the guy from the Old Spice commercials. Now you look like Louis Gossett Sr.,” he said, referencing 74-year-old actor Louis Gossett Jr.

“Maybe you should start smoking again,” Meyers said. “If your hair gets any whiter, the tea party is going to endorse it.”


Jason Tolbert reported that Mike Huckabee is coming to Arkansas for a big fundraiser. If it goes well there be a great chance that Huckabee may throw his hat into the ring.  Just think about the fact that Huckabee just might be in the same seat President Obama was in this year where he hosted the dinner. I wonder if he could take getting hit by all those jokes or not.

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