John Fund’s talk in Little Rock 4-27-11(Part 2):Arkansas is a right to work state and gets new businesses because of it, Obama does not get that, but Milton Friedman does!!!(Royal Wedding Part 18)

Ep. 8 – Who Protects the Worker [1/7]. Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose (1980)

Speakers at the First Richmond Tea Party, October 8-9, 2010

John Fund
John Fund is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and its and an on-air contributor to 24-hour cable news networks CNBC and MSNBC. He is the author of several best selling books and he spoke on April 27th at the Little Rock Hilton for the Conservative Luncheon Series.
Yesterday was the first lunch in the  “Conservative Lunch Series” presented by  KARN and Americans for Prosperity Foundation at the Little Rock Hilton on University Avenue. This monthly luncheon will be held the fourth Wednesday of every month. .
John Fund writes the weekly “On the Trail” column for He is author of “Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy” (Encounter, 2004).

John Fund commented on the Obama’s administration effort to block Boeing from moving their plant to a right to work state like South Carolina. “This decision by the court will not stick!!! Arkansas is a right to work state and businesses  come here because of it.”

Fund went on to say that this has been going on forever and the thought that the court now would somehow take away that freedom that we have is really a far left dream, but is very unlikely. He would bet every dollar he had that this court decision will not stick.

Fund commented that many times when a liberal presidential administration like President Obama’s comes into office they quickly discover that they can not function with all of their way out leftist policies in the real world that we live in. Therefore, when President Obama found out that the worst he could do in the slow economy was to raise the taxes back up at the end of 2010, he relented and let the lower taxes stay in place. However, people like Craig Becker did not get the memo on how to avoid the radical left policies and you end up with policies like this.

Ep. 8 – Who Protects the Worker [2/7]. Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose (1980)

I got this article off the lonely conservative’s blog:

April 21, 2011

By Lonely Conservative 4 comments

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has filed a complaint against Boeing for building a new plant in South Carolina, a right to work state. In the past, union strikes have cost the company billions of dollars, but in good faith they tried to negotiate with the union to build the new plant in Washington state. After the union made ridiculous demands, they decided to open a plant in South Carolina, but they haven’t closed the Washington operation. They created about 1,000 jobs in South Carolina, but the NLRB doesn’t care about workers. They disregard Congress and carry water for the unions. It’s disgusting.

The Wall Street Journal editors weighed in.

The NLRB obliged with its complaint yesterday asking an administrative law judge to stop Boeing’s South Carolina production because its executives had cited the risk of strikes as a reason for the move. Boeing acted out of “anti-union animus,” says the complaint by acting general counsel Lafe Solomon, and its decision to move had the effect of “discouraging membership in a labor organization” and thus violates federal law.

It’s hard to know which law he’s referring to. There are plentiful legal precedents that give business the right to locate operations in right-to-work states. That right has created healthy competition among states and kept tens of millions of jobs in America rather than heading overseas.

Boeing has also expanded its operations in Puget Sound while building its South Carolina presence. Ultimately, the NLRB seems to be resting its complaint on the belief that Boeing spent nearly $2 billion out of spite, which sounds less like a matter of law than of campaign 2012 politics.

Boeing says it will challenge the complaint in an NLRB hearing in June, but Big Labor also has sway at the five-member board. Recall that President Obama gave a recess appointment last year to Craig Becker, a former lawyer for the Service Employees International Union who once wrote that the NLRB could impose “card check” rules for union organizing even without an act of Congress. Even a Democratic Senate refused to confirm him.

As I write this, Neil Cavuto is reporting that South Carolina politicians are not taking this lying down. Senator Jim DeMint is on the line and he called the NLRB “thugs” and said he had thought he had seen it all. He also said the president could stop this in a second if he wanted to, and the NLRB is assuming powers it does not have.

They’re also reporting that Boeing paid millions in taxes last year, unlike some of the administration’s favorite companies.

Ep. 8 – Who Protects the Worker [3/7]. Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose (1980)



For the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles and Harry Lopes, Middleton paired downy soft strands with a feathered fascinator.Loading

Kate and William Countdown: Why the Royals Still Matter

by Sara Bibel
Apr 27th, 2011 | 3:25 PM 


This Friday, millions of Americans will get up at the crack of dawn to watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton. England is celebrating the Royal Wedding with a national holiday. News outlets from nearly every country on earth will be broadcasting live from Westminster Abbey. Every detail of the wedding, from Kate’s dress (she allegedly has three) to the cake (it’s a fruitcake — but not the gross kind) has been covered in exhaustive detail. The average American probably knows more about Kate and William’s relationship than what the United States congress is voting on this week.

The U.S. fought the revolutionary war to avoid being ruled by the British Monarchy. The royals no longer have any real political power. The tragic life and death of Lady Diana put an end to the myth that princesses live happily ever after.

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