Ronald Wilson Reagan Part 75


No. 7: Bill Walton’s nearly perfect game

NCAA Championship game, March 26, 1973 — The box score of UCLA’s 87-66 victory over Memphis seems like a misprint. Bill Walton, 21-of-22 from the field, 13 rebounds, 44 points. He shrugged off foul trouble and Tiger triple-teams to turn in a game for the ages. “We tried everything on him – we had players double-teaming him, we even put players in front and in back of him,” said Memphis coach Gene Bartow. “But somehow they always found a way to get the ball to him.”

Picture of Nancy and Ronald Reagan aboard a boat.
(Picture from the Ronald Reagan Library)

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard a boat in California. (August 1964)

1980 Presidential Debate Carter v Reagan

Governor Reagan.


Yes. Mr. President, once again, I happen to be against the amendment, because I think the amendment will take this problem out of the hands of elected legislators and put it in the hands of unelected judges. I am for equal rights, and while you have been in office for 4 years, and not one single State — and most of them have a majority of Democratic legislators — has added to the ratification or voted to ratify the equal rights amendment.

While I was Governor, more than 8 years ago, I found 14 separate instances where women were discriminated against in the body of California law, and I had passed and signed into law 14 statutes that eliminated those discriminations, including the economic ones that you have just mentioned, equal pay and so forth. I believe that if in all these years that we’ve spent trying to get the amendment, that we’d spent as much time correcting these laws, as we did in California — and we were the first to do it.

If I were President, I would also now take a look at the hundreds of Federal regulations which discriminate against women and which go right on while everyone is looking for an amendment. I would have someone ride herd on those regulations, and we’d start eliminating those discriminations in the Federal Government against women.


It has been 150 years since the beginning of the Civil War that started in April of 1861 at Ft Sumter.

City Hotel (Gatsby's Tavern) in Alexandria, VA

City Hotel (Gatsby’s Tavern) in Alexandria, VA
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