Mike Pence votes against budget deal. Roll call


I am still upset with Congressman Mike Pence for saying that he was going to stick to his guns concerning the removal of federal funding of Planned Parenthood before he would vote to increase the debt ceiling on April 8th and then he went and voted yes on that day anyway.

David Boaz makes some great points in his article, “Not the Biggest in history. Not by a long shot,”April 11, 2011:

Pundits and politicians are all in agreement: Those were some big budget cuts in Friday night’s deal. “The largest annual spending cut in our history,” President Obama said. Speaker of the House John Boehner called it the “largest real dollar spending cut in American history.” Saturday’s front-page, upper-right headline in the Washington Post proclaimed:


The story went on to say that Obama “said the cuts would be painful but necessary.”

NPR’s Andrea Seabrook reported, “The Republicans got big, big cuts.” “Slashing government,” agreed the Los Angeles Times. The Washington Post added the big picture:

an ascendant Republican Party has managed to impose its small-government agenda on a town still largely controlled by Democrats.

And in a separate story:

Obama and his party felt pressure to show they heard the message that many Americans believe the government spends too much and that deficits are unsustainable.

AP added:

Republican conservatives were the chief winners in the budget deal that forced Democrats to accept historic spending cuts they strongly opposed. Emboldened by last fall’s election victories, fiscal conservatives have changed the debate in Washington. The question no longer is whether to cut spending, but how deeply.

Please. It’s a cut of $38 billion in a budget of $3,819 billion. That’s 1 percent. That’s a rounding error in federal budgeting.

Have you ever seen people so self-congratulatory over such a minor accomplishment? Here’s one graphic representation of the budget cuts—showing the House’s original proposed cut of $61 billion—compared to annual spending and the annual deficit. Here’s another, depicting the $61 billion cut in the context of the rapid growth of spending over the past decade. In fiscal year 2001, which ended in September 2001 but was mostly set in place before President Bush took office, the federal government spent $1,863 billion. After seven years of Bush and a Republican Congress, spending was more than a trillion dollars higher—$2,983 billion in FY2008. Then the financial crisis, TARP, the stimulus, and the omnibus spending bill came along, and FY2011 spending is estimated at $3,819 billion—$836 billion more than just three years earlier, and $1,956 billion more than when Bush took office a decade ago.

So this cut—not of $61 billion but of $38 billion—is a lot of money anywhere except Washington. In Washington, it’s 1 percent of what the federal government will spend this year. It’s less than 5 percent of the three-year spending increase. It’s 10 percent of this year’s spending increase, the increase from 2010 to 2011.

Is it nevertheless the “the largest annual spending cut in our history,” as President Obama says? Not hardly. My Cato Institute colleague Chris Edwards notes:

This federal budget table shows total federal spending since 1901. Total spending fell in 22 years out of the last 110 years. In 19 of those 22 years, spending was cut by more than 1 percent.

And what about the downsizing of the federal government after World War II? That same budget table shows that federal spending fell from $92.7 billion in 1945 to $55.2 billion in 1946, to $34.5 billion in 1947, and to $29.8 billion in 1948 (and all without any of the job losses that we’re told would result from modest reductions today). Check out also the drop in spending from 1919 to 1922, even larger in percentage terms.

The president might be technically correct in this sense: In none of those years did federal spending fall by as much as $38 billion in nominal dollars. But any real comparison would use inflation-adjusted dollars or percentage of the budget, and by those standards there are no “big, big cuts” here. (Boehner specifically called it the “largest real [that is, inflation-adjusted] dollar spending cut in American history,” which is so clearly wrong that it must surely have been a misstatement.)

The fundamental point here is that federal spending rose by more than a trillion dollars during Bush’s first seven years, and then by almost another trillion in barely three fiscal years. And then we had a titanic battle over whether to trim $38 billion.

These figures above have really got me mad. It is true though that Mike Pence at least did not vote for this new budget. Below is the role call.

Complete Roll Call

Download a CSV file of these votes

All States Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming All PartiesDemocratsIndependentsRepublicans

Yes Votes (260)

Member Party Dist.
Robert B. Aderholt R AL-4
Todd Akin R MO-2
Rodney Alexander R LA-5
Jason Altmire D PA-4
Robert E. Andrews D NJ-1
Steve Austria R OH-7
Joe Baca D CA-43
Spencer Bachus R AL-6
Lou Barletta R PA-11
John Barrow D GA-12
Charles F. Bass R NH-2
Dan Benishek R MI-1
Rick Berg R ND-1
Shelley Berkley D NV-1
Howard L. Berman D CA-28
Judy Biggert R IL-13
Brian P. Bilbray R CA-50
Gus Bilirakis R FL-9
Rob Bishop R UT-1
Timothy H. Bishop D NY-1
Sanford D. Bishop Jr. D GA-2
Diane Black R TN-6
John A. Boehner R OH-8
Jo Bonner R AL-1
Mary Bono Mack R CA-45
Dan Boren D OK-2
Leonard L. Boswell D IA-3
Charles Boustany Jr. R LA-7
Kevin Brady R TX-8
Mo Brooks R AL-5
Vern Buchanan R FL-13
Larry Bucshon R IN-8
Ann Marie Buerkle R NY-25
Michael C. Burgess R TX-26
Dan Burton R IN-5
Ken Calvert R CA-44
Dave Camp R MI-4
John Campbell R CA-48
Francisco Canseco R TX-23
Eric Cantor R VA-7
Shelley Moore Capito R WV-2
Dennis Cardoza D CA-18
Russ Carnahan D MO-3
John Carney D DE-1
John Carter R TX-31
Bill Cassidy R LA-6
Kathy Castor D FL-11
Ben Chandler D KY-6
David Cicilline D RI-1
Howard Coble R NC-6
Mike Coffman R CO-6
Tom Cole R OK-4
K. Michael Conaway R TX-11
Gerald E. Connolly D VA-11
Jim Cooper D TN-5
Jim Costa D CA-20
Jerry F. Costello D IL-12
Joe Courtney D CT-2
Rick Crawford R AR-1
Ander Crenshaw R FL-4
Mark Critz D PA-12
Henry Cuellar D TX-28
John Culberson R TX-7
Geoff Davis R KY-4
Susan A. Davis D CA-53
Peter A. DeFazio D OR-4
Jeffrey Denham R CA-19
Charlie Dent R PA-15
Scott DesJarlais R TN-4
Mario Diaz-Balart R FL-21
Norman D. Dicks D WA-6
John D. Dingell D MI-15
Robert Dold R IL-10
Joe Donnelly D IN-2
David Dreier R CA-26
Sean Duffy R WI-7
Renee Ellmers R NC-2
Jo Ann Emerson R MO-8
Anna G. Eshoo D CA-14
Blake Farenthold R TX-27
Chaka Fattah D PA-2
Stephen Fincher R TN-8
Michael G. Fitzpatrick R PA-8
Chuck Fleischmann R TN-3
Bill Flores R TX-17
Jeff Fortenberry R NE-1
Virginia Foxx R NC-5
Rodney Frelinghuysen R NJ-11
Elton Gallegly R CA-24
Jim Gerlach R PA-6
Bob Gibbs R OH-18
Chris Gibson R NY-20
Robert W. Goodlatte R VA-6
Paul Gosar R AZ-1
Kay Granger R TX-12
Sam Graves R MO-6
Tim Griffin R AR-2
Mike Grimm R NY-13
Frank Guinta R NH-1
Brett Guthrie R KY-2
Ralph M. Hall R TX-4
Colleen Hanabusa D HI-1
Richard Hanna R NY-24
Gregg Harper R MS-3
Vicky Hartzler R MO-4
Doc Hastings R WA-4
Nan Hayworth R NY-19
Joe Heck R NV-3
Martin Heinrich D NM-1
Jeb Hensarling R TX-5
Wally Herger R CA-2
Jaime Herrera Beutler R WA-3
Jim Himes D CT-4
Rubén Hinojosa D TX-15
Tim Holden D PA-17
Steny H. Hoyer D MD-5
Randy Hultgren R IL-14
Duncan D. Hunter R CA-52
Jay Inslee D WA-1
Steve Israel D NY-2
Darrell Issa R CA-49
Lynn Jenkins R KS-2
Bill Johnson R OH-6
Hank Johnson D GA-4
Sam Johnson R TX-3
Walter B. Jones R NC-3
Bill Keating D MA-10
Mike Kelly R PA-3
Dale E. Kildee D MI-5
Ron Kind D WI-3
Peter T. King R NY-3
Adam Kinzinger R IL-11
Larry Kissell D NC-8
John Kline R MN-2
Steven C. LaTourette R OH-14
Leonard Lance R NJ-7
Jeff Landry R LA-3
Jim Langevin D RI-2
James Lankford R OK-5
Rick Larsen D WA-2
Tom Latham R IA-4
Robert E. Latta R OH-5
Sander M. Levin D MI-12
Jerry Lewis R CA-41
Daniel Lipinski D IL-3
Frank A. LoBiondo R NJ-2
Nita M. Lowey D NY-18
Frank D. Lucas R OK-3
Blaine Luetkemeyer R MO-9
Cynthia M. Lummis R WY-1
Dan Lungren R CA-3
Donald Manzullo R IL-16
Kenny Marchant R TX-24
Tom Marino R PA-10
Jim Matheson D UT-2
Carolyn McCarthy D NY-4
Kevin McCarthy R CA-22
Betty McCollum D MN-4
Mike McIntyre D NC-7
Howard P. McKeon R CA-25
David McKinley R WV-1
Cathy McMorris Rodgers R WA-5
Pat Meehan R PA-7
John L. Mica R FL-7
Michael H. Michaud D ME-2
Gary G. Miller R CA-42
Jeff Miller R FL-1
James P. Moran D VA-8
Tim Murphy R PA-18
Sue Myrick R NC-9
Richard E. Neal D MA-2
Kristi Noem R SD-1
Richard Nugent R FL-5
Devin Nunes R CA-21
Alan Nunnelee R MS-1
Pete Olson R TX-22
Bill Owens D NY-23
Steven Palazzo R MS-4
Bill Pascrell Jr. D NJ-8
Erik Paulsen R MN-3
Ed Perlmutter D CO-7
Gary Peters D MI-9
Collin C. Peterson D MN-7
Tom Petri R WI-6
Joe Pitts R PA-16
Todd R. Platts R PA-19
Mike Pompeo R KS-4
Bill Posey R FL-15
Tom Price R GA-6
Nick J. Rahall II D WV-3
Tom Reed R NY-29
Jim Renacci R OH-16
Reid Ribble R WI-8
David Rivera R FL-25
Martha Roby R AL-2
Phil Roe R TN-1
Harold Rogers R KY-5
Mike D. Rogers R AL-3
Mike Rogers R MI-8
Dana Rohrabacher R CA-46
Todd Rokita R IN-4
Tom Rooney R FL-16
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R FL-18
Peter Roskam R IL-6
Mike Ross D AR-4
Steven R. Rothman D NJ-9
Ed Royce R CA-40
Jon Runyan R NJ-3
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger D MD-2
Paul D. Ryan R WI-1
John Sarbanes D MD-3
Steve Scalise R LA-1
Adam B. Schiff D CA-29
Bobby Schilling R IL-17
Aaron Schock R IL-18
Kurt Schrader D OR-5
Allyson Y. Schwartz D PA-13
Austin Scott R GA-8
David Scott D GA-13
F. James Sensenbrenner R WI-5
Pete Sessions R TX-32
Terri Sewell D AL-7
Brad Sherman D CA-27
John Shimkus R IL-19
Heath Shuler D NC-11
Bill Shuster R PA-9
Mike Simpson R ID-2
Albio Sires D NJ-13
Adam Smith D WA-9
Adrian Smith R NE-3
Christopher H. Smith R NJ-4
Lamar Smith R TX-21
Jackie Speier D CA-12
Cliff Stearns R FL-6
Steve Stivers R OH-15
John Sullivan R OK-1
Lee Terry R NE-2
Glenn Thompson R PA-5
Mike Thompson D CA-1
William M. Thornberry R TX-13
Pat Tiberi R OH-12
Niki Tsongas D MA-5
Michael R. Turner R OH-3
Fred Upton R MI-6
Chris Van Hollen D MD-8
Peter J. Visclosky D IN-1
Tim Walberg R MI-7
Greg Walden R OR-2
Tim Walz D MN-1
Debbie Wasserman Schultz D FL-20
Daniel Webster R FL-8
Lynn Westmoreland R GA-3
Edward Whitfield R KY-1
Robert J. Wittman R VA-1
Frank R. Wolf R VA-10
Steve Womack R AR-3
Rob Woodall R GA-7
C. W. Bill Young R FL-10
Don Young R AK-1
Todd Young R IN-9

No Votes (167)

Member Party Dist.
Gary L. Ackerman D NY-5
Sandra Adams R FL-24
Justin Amash R MI-3
Michele Bachmann R MN-6
Tammy Baldwin D WI-2
Roscoe G. Bartlett R MD-6
Joe L. Barton R TX-6
Karen Bass D CA-33
Xavier Becerra D CA-31
Marsha Blackburn R TN-7
Earl Blumenauer D OR-3
Robert A. Brady D PA-1
Bruce Braley D IA-1
Paul Broun R GA-10
Corrine Brown D FL-3
G. K. Butterfield D NC-1
Lois Capps D CA-23
Michael E. Capuano D MA-8
André Carson D IN-7
Steven J. Chabot R OH-1
Jason Chaffetz R UT-3
Judy Chu D CA-32
Hansen Clarke D MI-13
Yvette D. Clarke D NY-11
William Lacy Clay D MO-1
Emanuel Cleaver II D MO-5
James E. Clyburn D SC-6
Steve Cohen D TN-9
John Conyers Jr. D MI-14
Chip Cravaack R MN-8
Joseph Crowley D NY-7
Elijah E. Cummings D MD-7
Danny K. Davis D IL-7
Diana DeGette D CO-1
Rosa DeLauro D CT-3
Ted Deutch D FL-19
Lloyd Doggett D TX-25
Mike Doyle D PA-14
Jeffrey Duncan R SC-3
John J. Duncan Jr. R TN-2
Donna Edwards D MD-4
Keith Ellison D MN-5
Eliot L. Engel D NY-17
Sam Farr D CA-17
Bob Filner D CA-51
Jeff Flake R AZ-6
John Fleming R LA-4
J. Randy Forbes R VA-4
Barney Frank D MA-4
Trent Franks R AZ-2
Marcia L. Fudge D OH-11
John Garamendi D CA-10
Cory Gardner R CO-4
Scott Garrett R NJ-5
Phil Gingrey R GA-11
Charlie Gonzalez D TX-20
Trey Gowdy R SC-4
Tom Graves R GA-9
Al Green D TX-9
Gene Green D TX-29
Morgan Griffith R VA-9
Raúl M. Grijalva D AZ-7
Luis V. Gutierrez D IL-4
Andy Harris R MD-1
Alcee L. Hastings D FL-23
Dean Heller R NV-2
Brian Higgins D NY-27
Maurice D. Hinchey D NY-22
Mazie K. Hirono D HI-2
Rush Holt D NJ-12
Michael M. Honda D CA-15
Tim Huelskamp R KS-1
Bill Huizenga R MI-2
Robert Hurt R VA-5
Jesse L. Jackson Jr. D IL-2
Sheila Jackson-Lee D TX-18
Eddie Bernice Johnson D TX-30
Timothy V. Johnson R IL-15
Jim Jordan R OH-4
Marcy Kaptur D OH-9
Steve King R IA-5
Jack Kingston R GA-1
Dennis J. Kucinich D OH-10
Raul Labrador R ID-1
Doug Lamborn R CO-5
John B. Larson D CT-1
Barbara Lee D CA-9
John Lewis D GA-5
Dave Loebsack D IA-2
Zoe Lofgren D CA-16
Billy Long R MO-7
Ben Ray Lujan D NM-3
Stephen F. Lynch D MA-9
Connie Mack R FL-14
Carolyn B. Maloney D NY-14
Edward J. Markey D MA-7
Doris Matsui D CA-5
Tom McClintock R CA-4
Thaddeus McCotter R MI-11
Jim McDermott D WA-7
Jim McGovern D MA-3
Patrick T. McHenry R NC-10
Jerry McNerney D CA-11
Brad Miller D NC-13
Candice S. Miller R MI-10
George Miller D CA-7
Gwen Moore D WI-4
Mick Mulvaney R SC-5
Christopher S. Murphy D CT-5
Jerrold Nadler D NY-8
Grace F. Napolitano D CA-38
Randy Neugebauer R TX-19
Frank Pallone D NJ-6
Ed Pastor D AZ-4
Ron Paul R TX-14
Donald M. Payne D NJ-10
Steve Pearce R NM-2
Nancy Pelosi D CA-8
Mike Pence R IN-6
Chellie Pingree D ME-1
Ted Poe R TX-2
Jared Polis D CO-2
David E. Price D NC-4
Ben Quayle R AZ-3
Mike Quigley D IL-5
Charles B. Rangel D NY-15
Denny Rehberg R MT-1
Silvestre Reyes D TX-16
Laura Richardson D CA-37
Cedric Richmond D LA-2
Scott Rigell R VA-2
Dennis Ross R FL-12
Lucille Roybal-Allard D CA-34
Bobby L. Rush D IL-1
Tim Ryan D OH-17
Linda T. Sanchez D CA-39
Loretta Sanchez D CA-47
Jan Schakowsky D IL-9
Jean Schmidt R OH-2
David Schweikert R AZ-5
Robert C. Scott D VA-3
Tim Scott R SC-1
José E. Serrano D NY-16
Louise M. Slaughter D NY-28
Steve Southerland R FL-2
Pete Stark D CA-13
Marlin Stutzman R IN-3
Betty Sutton D OH-13
Bennie Thompson D MS-2
John F. Tierney D MA-6
Scott Tipton R CO-3
Paul Tonko D NY-21
Edolphus Towns D NY-10
Nydia M. Velázquez D NY-12
Joe Walsh R IL-8
Maxine Waters D CA-35
Melvin Watt D NC-12
Henry A. Waxman D CA-30
Anthony Weiner D NY-9
Peter Welch D VT-1
Allen West R FL-22
Frederica Wilson D FL-17
Joe Wilson R SC-2
Lynn Woolsey D CA-6
David Wu D OR-1
John Yarmuth D KY-3
Kevin Yoder R KS-3

Did Not Vote (6)

Member Party Dist.
Gabrielle Giffords D AZ-8
Louie Gohmert R TX-1
Michael McCaul R TX-10
Gregory W. Meeks D NY-6
John W. Olver D MA-1
Dave Reichert R WA-8

Present (0)

Member Party Dist.

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