Mike Pence is probably voting against Continuing Resolution #2 this week (Part1)

Rep. Mike Pence and Rep. Chris Van Hollen  join ABC’s “This Week” with Christaine Amapour on April 10th, 2011

I think one of the most important facts from the clip above is the statement that Rep. Pence made here:

Planned Parenthood’s clinics focus mainly on abortion. In 2009, Planned Parenthood performed 977 adoptions, 7,000 prenatal, 332,000 abortions.

With that one fact alone in mind, I was very upset that Rep. Pence voted for the Continuing Resolution. Now I am told that he will probably not vote for the continuing resolution this week because the Pence Amendment (that bans federal funding to Planned Parenthood has been removed).

Here is a portion of the transcript below from the above interview:

// AMANPOUR: And we’re joined now by Republican Congressman Mike Pence. He’s from Indiana. He’s a Tea Party favorite and who we saw earlier vowing to shut down the government if Democrats wouldn’t agree to steep budget cuts. And also we’re joined by Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the top Democrat on the House Budget Committee. He’s dealing with some angry colleagues this morning. Congressmen, thank you both for coming. Welcome to “This Week.” You’ve been all over the air for the last 12 minutes talking about shut it down if it didn’t go right. Will you vote for this deal?

PENCE: Well, first, Christiane, let me say, I’ve been battling runaway federal spending under both political parties ever since I arrived in Congress. I, for one, want to celebrate the fact that we are now debating on Capitol Hill less spending…

AMANPOUR: Will you celebrate with your vote? PENCE: Well, less spending, instead of more spending. And what I was saying repeatedly at the rally that you just clipped and on the floor of the Congress, was that House Republicans needed to pick a fight. And I think John Boehner fought the good fight. I think he drove a hard bargain here. I want to see the details. But from what I know, it sounds like John Boehner got a good deal. Probably not good enough for me to support it, but a good deal nonetheless.

 AMANPOUR: You won’t support it? PENCE: Look, this country’s in trouble. We’ve got — we were asking for a 2 percent cut in the budget. And that ended up being too much of a cut for this administration and for liberals in Congress. AMANPOUR: But you say you won’t support it, yet Speaker Boehner did a good job. I mean, what happened, do you think he’s — he folded too early?

PENCE: Well, I said — I said John Boehner — well, look, I cannot bring myself to be critical of a basketball player that gets two on one all night. I can’t bring myself to be critical of John Boehner, who has squared off against the White House and liberals in Congress, who couldn’t accept a 2 percent budget cut, and who dug in and were willing to shut down the government to continue to send $1 million a day to the largest abortion provider in America….

AMANPOUR: So you’ve described it. But the bottom line is, I mean, you have come close and you have basically said you’re not going to support it. Right?

PENCE: Well, look, I want to see the language in the bill. I think John Boehner got a good deal, but it’s probably not good enough for me to support it. Right.

 AMANPOUR: OK. So I think you’re saying you’re not going to support it. What are you saying? Are you going to support it? VAN HOLLEN: I’m going to look, Christiane. We don’t know yet what the cuts are. In other words… AMANPOUR: How long is this going to take? VAN HOLLEN: Well, the vote will come up this week. They’ll probably put the cuts on the Internet, I hope, so that everybody can see them. AMANPOUR: Will it pass, do you think? VAN HOLLEN: I think this will pass. And I’m very determined to work with my colleagues to prevent a government shutdown, because it will have huge disruption in the economy. That’s the seesaw that we’re living with here. But, look, these guys took this to the brink, not only to do something that won’t create a job, but to impose their own right-wing policies on the country. No, we can disagree about a very controversial issue, and we do. But using this budget process to impose that position on the country, and threaten shutdown to shut down the government.

AMANPOUR: I was going to ask you that question. Why did you need to do that at this time? Why muddy the water, since you were really about money and about spending cuts? PENCE: Let me say, first off, it’s nonsense to say that Republicans were willing to shut down the government over this. Speaker John Boehner made it clear that the policy issue, including my amendment on abortion providers, had been negotiated, at the time that — I think it’s in The Washington Post this morning. What was clear here, this administration, and liberals in Congress were willing to shut the government down to continue to fund abortion providers in this country. And that’s the bottom line. Why would I fight for it? Let me explain. I’m pro life. I don’t apologize for it. I also think it’s morally wrong to take the tax dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use it to fund abortion providers.

AMANPOUR: But you know the federal funds don’t do that?

PENCE: Well, look, in February of this year, the Pence amendment passed on a bipartisan basis by 240 votes. It denied federal funding to Planned Parenthood of America. I’ve never advocated to reduce funding to Title X. They tried to make this about women’s health. It wasn’t about that. Let me share with you, though, this fact. Planned Parenthood’s clinics focus mainly on abortion. In 2009, Planned Parenthood performed 977 adoptions, 7,000 prenatal, 332,000 abortions.

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