Lynch: Fayetteville Finger could have quietly gone through (Part 18)(Famous musicians from Arkansas series continued)


Jason Tolbert reported that Rep. Uvalde Lindsey  (D-Fayetteville) prefers the map know as the Luker Amendment and does not mix words regarding his opposition to moving Fayetteville into AR4. Here is a clip of an interview Jason did with Rep. Lindsey below.

Pat Lynch suggested today in his article “The political bog,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, April 11, 2011, that the Democrats in the State Legislature could have quietly pushed through the Fayetteville Finger without much attention if they had been united. He states:

Two super-sized and ominous ongoing news events dominate the attention of those who keep up with such distasteful things. One is the General Assembly’s stumbling attempt at congressional redistricting and the second item concerns whether the national government will keep running.

Both of these little dramas demonstrate the consequences of getting bogged down in a political mess. Many Arkansas lawmakers would surely like to take a mulligan on redrawing the congressional districts. For our reps in Washington, there is no escape from the budget showdown…

Had legislative Democrats enjoyed any semblance of party discipline, the “Fayetteville finger” might have been pushed through with minimal opposition and swiftly enacted. Nobody would have noticed-except a few Fayetteville malcontents.

It is one of the deeper mysteries of these confusing times as to why Fayetteville folks, good and reasonable people, would so detest the possibility of being represented in Congress by a Democrat. If that is what they want, let it be.

The situation is so unsettled that it seems almost every lawmaker has developed a personal redistricting map. This is what representative government is all about, these occasional fits of total chaos.

Challengers in the 2012 election will be able to use that “Fayetteville finger” against any incumbent Democrat, and potential voters will have some sort of foggy idea of what it means. All they need to know is that the finger is bad. Democrats proposed it, so all Democrats are bad.


I think that Pat Lynch misses the boat on this one. It has been shown before that 82% of the people polled in Fayetteville opposed the move to the fourth. That is hardly a “a few Fayetteville malcontents.”

It was completely ruled out of the question by Max Brantley and considered a joke when it first came to his ears. Liberal John Brummett is the columnist who gave it the name of the “Fayetteville Finger.”

I just don’t see how it could have been shoved through without causing a stink.

Jason Tolbert posted today at 2pm:

Another day of redistricting and of course another map to look at.  Here is what the newest map that is still being hammered up might look like… maybe (blogger’s render – subject to change.)

Meetings are currently taken place and by all appearances some of the them in Gov. Beebe’s office primarily with Democratic legislative leaders to hammer out the details.  I spoke to several Republicans that have still not seen the map. (HERE IS THE NEW MAP BELOW)

Here is the Luker map that got voted down the other day. (from Tolbert Report)



In my series of famous Arkansas entertainers I come to someone that people may not recognize his name, but behind the scenes he has written some of the top hits. He grew up in Little Rock and graduated from Arkansas Baptist High School. He now lives in California and Linda Caillouet has written about him on several occasions in her Paper Trails articles in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Today she did again in her article “Arkansans abound on TV, Music,” April 11, 2011. She noted:

MUSIC MAN: Little Rock native David Hodges continues making music long after he left the locally rooted Grammy-winning rock band Evanescence.

One of his most recent projects? Collaborating with country star Carrie Underwood on the lead single off the soundtrack for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, released on DVD last Friday. The single “There’s a Place for Us” was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Original Song category.

The cut, available exclusively on iTunes, has sold more than 80,000 since its release last November. To view a video of the song, go to

Other artists with whom Hodges has worked as a songwriter and producer include Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire, Daughtry, Celine Dion and Adam Lambert.

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