Mike Huckabee endorses Republicans move to compromise on Planned Parenthood to avoid government shutdown.

I feel strongly about getting the 364 million of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding removed since they are the #1 provider of abortions in the USA. I thought the Republicans were going to stick to their guns on getting Planned Parenthood’s funding removed but it did not happen.

Yesterday Mike Huckabee on the Huckabee Show on Fox News made this statement:

The Democrats originally wanted no cuts, then they put 4 billion on the table then 6 billion, then 33  billion before settling on 38 1/2 billion… Now to get more than first offered (by the Democrats) seems a victory to me, but not to some who want it all or nothing. Let me give you a dose of reality. Democrats control 2 of the 3 moving parts of this deal, the Senate and the White House. The Republicans only control the House. You don’t have to be a math major to understand that Republicans will not all they want. We got far more that the President and Harry Reid wanted them to have. Personally I want Planned Parenthood off the federal dole, and I challenge anyone to find a more pro-life person than me, but fight that battle in the spotlight and not attached to a bill that is not really about Planned Parenthood. The more important battle is going to be about the more bold and ambitious plan crafted by Congressman Paul Ryan which doesn’t trim a few billion, but trillions of dollars of  federal spending and then balances the budget in a decade.

Mike Huckabee had Todd Young Representative from Indiana on his show and interviewed him about this bold new program he spoke about in the statement above. Here is the clip from YouTube about this subject:

On April 5, 2011, Rep. Todd Young joined House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and other Republicans in rolling out our 2012 budget proposal. Rep. Young introduced the House plan to reform Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance and job training. The plan would save money, give states more flexibility and increase assistance to the neediest Americans.

Also on the Huckabee Show there was an exchange that really points out why Planned Parenthood should be removed completely from any public funding.

Liberal Caroline Heldman, Asst Professor at Occidental College, commented on the last-minute compromise:

I will give the Republicans the grade of an F because they made this about cultural issues and tried to do this back door assault on women under the guise of the budgetary process. I find that to be really unconscionable. Planned Parenthood it is illegal for them to spend any of their funding on abortion. They have a firewall between the 97% of their services that are family planning STI and the 3% that are abortion services.

Greg Gutfeld, host of  the Fox News Show “Red Eye,” responded:

It is interesting that no ever brings up abortion. It is like saying that you are for the movie theater but not for showing movies.What do you do at Planned Parenthood. That is what you do. That is the movie that is running at the theater. That is where people go. (To get an abortion) that is the place to go.

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