Ronald Reagan Part 69H (30 yrs after assassination attempt)

Image: White House advisers and Cabinet members meet with Vice President George Bush

Image courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Library.

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White House advisers and Cabinet members meet with Vice President George Bush. L-R at far end of table: National Security Adviser Richard Allen, Counselor to the President Edwin Meese, Vice President Bush, Secretary of State Alexander Haig, White House Chief of Staff James Baker


I am posting a great March Madness Moment from the article by A. J. Foss called Ultimate March Madness: The 20 Greatest Moments in NCAA Tournament History

14. 1989 Michigan-Seton Hall
Assistant coach Steve Fisher takes the head coaching duties at Michigan right before the tournament begins, after head coach Bill Frieder was fired because he accepted the head coaching job at Arizona State, and leads the Wolverines to the national championship.

Michigan point guard Rumeal Robinson nails the game-winning free throws with three seconds to play in overtime after a controversial foul to give the Wolverines an 80-79 victory over the Seton Hall Pirates.

Network coverage of President Ronald Reagan being shot March 30, 1981. Part 10 of 11.Assassination Attempt

William Browning wrote the article “Ronald Reagan Assassination Attempt Key Players” (March 26, 2011) for Yahoo News. Browning is a research librarian. Below is a portion of that article.

The assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan occurred a mere 69 days into his administration March 30, 1981. He is the only president to survive taking a bullet thanks to surgeons at George Washington University Hospital.

Many key people were involved in the shooting that day. Had the assassination attempt never happened, many of the key figures surrounding the event would not be known today.

President Ronald Reagan

Reagan finished giving a speech to the AFL-CIO at the Washington Hilton. Just before 1:45 p.m., a man brandishing a gun called out to Reagan and then fired six bullets, four of which found their marks on four separate individuals. Reagan spent nearly two weeks in the hospital recovering at George Washington University Hospital.

Dr. John Hopper

Dr. John Hopper was a psychologist who interviewed Hinckley in Colorado from October 1980 until February 1981. Hopper didn’t realize the depths of Hinkley’s psychosis and was sued by those who were shot by the assassin other than the president. The suit was dismissed in 1983 because he never saw any violent tendencies in Hinckley, just bouts of depression and loneliness.

Network coverage of President Ronald Reagan being shot March 30, 1981. Assassination Attempt. Part 11 of 11.

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