Will the Fayetteville Finger pass the Senate? (part 10)

Jay Barth on Arkansas Week and Review on PBS said tonight that he that the districts would not change much except for the first district where Rick Crawford would be challenged. He thought the problem for the Democrats there would be simple. Could they energize the Democrats to have a good turnout in the 1st district.

He thought the 2nd district would be a little more Democrat friendly but he could not seeing it tipping the scales too much.

Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times said in his weekly pod cast that he thinks people are making too big a deal out of the Fayetteville Finger. 250,000 people are getting moved to other districts and why is the press making such a big deal out of Fayetteville.

I have to disagree with Max on that one. It is very much a political move that is a big deal. Gerrymandering has always been condemned and it has been done to some degree in many cases, but just rarely is it over the top like this. Seven counties were split in order to pull this off. Even Max himself thought it has a sick joke when he first heard it.

I am starting to wonder if the Democrats will pass the current bill out of the Senate.  Jason Tolbert reported:

Also, a bit of relevant news to a current issue in the Senate. I spoke briefly with Sen. Teague who told me that he is inclined not to pull HB1322 – the Congressional map passed by the House – out of committee.

“I want us to pass a map that everyone can feel good about,” said Teague.

It also appears Sen. Jerry Taylor (D-Pine Bluff) – another south Arkansas Democrat – is likely against the map as well.

“They call it the Fayetteville finger for a reason, and that’s because they’re giving south Arkansas the finger,” said Taylor in an AP story


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