GOP response to Fayetteville Finger? (part 6)

I have often wondered if the Democrats will regret trying to suck Fayetteville into the 4th for two reasons. 1. The majority of voters in Fayetteville are Republicans. 2. The vast majority of people in Fayetteville (over 80%) oppose strongly this action to put them in the south part of the state as far as their representation goes (according to Jason Tolbert’s poll).

John Brummett makes a case for the Fayetteville Finger in his last article:

Slicing right up the gut of a Republican hotbed to take out the only Democratic boxes, then claiming you have no choice but to do it because the growing district must lose population — come on…

Still, I probably owe it to Democratic advocates to relay the case they make in seemingly serious tones for proposing to run the 4th Congressional District along a narrow swath right up that hill to gouge Fayetteville out of the 3rd District.

Next Brummett goes ahead and give 7 reasons for the Fayetteville Finger. I cover all 7 reasons in my previous post but today I want to give the GOP response. This is from an email I got from the Republican Party of Arkansas:

Top Reasons Why the “Pig Trail Gerrymander” is Bad for Arkansas

  • The State Democratic Party’s proposed congressional redistricting map Partisan Pig Trail Gerrymanderdubbed the “Pig Trail Gerrymander” ignores the traditional communities of interest in Arkansas. We have four regions: Ozarks, Northeast Delta, Central Arkansas and the Southern Timberlands.
  • The map splits these regions, especially the Ozarks and Southern Timberlands.
  • The map splits five counties in Arkansas.
  • The “Pig Trail Gerrymander” or “FayettevilleFinger” is the State Democratic Party’s desperate attempt to hold on to power in the face of a resounding defeat at the polls last November. The manipulated boundaries give Arkansas Democrats a path to continue 140 years of one-party rule in Arkansas.
  • Arkansas Democrats are more interested in power play politics than fairly representing the diverse people of Arkansas. Democrats have blocked other proposals in the House State Agencies Committee which stay truer to our current congressional makeup and split fewer than five counties.
  • The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce opposes the capture of Fayetteville into the fourth. Fayetteville has been in the Third Congressional District for more than thirty years. Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce CEO and President Steve Clarksaid, “I believe this proposal is detrimental to the economic growth of Fayetteville and the economic growth of our region. This proposal is partisan and overly political.”
  • Congressman Steve Womack and former Rogers Mayor opposes the proposalstating, “it undermines 20 plus years of progress we made…and I don’t think for partisan reasons we should destroy that.” Congressman Womack is referring to the decades of efforts made between city governments to help Northwest Arkansas work as one area to improve economic development.
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