Brummett:Will Democrats Gerrymander Fayetteville into South Arkansas? (part 4)

Ark. Lt. Governor Talks About Sebastian Co. Redistricting

 My son Wilson, 12, and Hunter, 22, are both visiting my friend Sherwood Haisty and visiting Yosemite Park right now as I speak. Take a look at this video of Yosemite Park.

Steve Brawner wrote: “Rep. Mike Ross, has had to perform a balancing act in his words and in his votes.” I think once the Democrats get finished with his new district he will probably get beat because they are shoving too many Democrats into Rick Crawford’s district. Time will tell though.

John Brummett in his article “Democrats gesture toward Fayetteville,” Arkansas News Bureau, March 22, 2011, asserted:

Some leading Democrats, peeved at my Pig Trail moniker, contend that this redrawing is not any more illogical, or even as illogical, as putting Harrison of the northwest mountains into the 1st District with Helena-West Helena, snug against the river on the southeast.

But the Harrison/Helena configuration would be a logical progression of our redistricting pattern of recent decades, one that already puts Helena with Mountain Home in the 1st District. It is what you would do if you wanted to disturb the status quo as little as possible.

But adding Harrison to the 1st District lessens the Democratic chance of taking out Rick Crawford.

I agree with Brummett that this is not a logical way to go about doing the 3rd district. I think we will be the subject of ridicule and will may the infamous top 20 list that I wrote about back on March 17th.

I posted this on the Arkansas Times Blog on March 17th and today Max Brantley also brought up the 4th district of Illinois up and also put up the same map that I did earlier on my blog.

Re: “Nothing natural about congressional redistricting

I bet Sue Madison gets such an ear full from the people back home that she has to reject this plan. It is my view that it is okay to gerrymander to some degree, but to not get carried away. Max asserts:”The Republican talking point that it is a perverse gerrymander to run a peninsula up to Washington County to capture Fayetteville for the Fourth District. That map would look a little strange, yes…Congressional redistricting is and always has been political in every state.”

The worst case in the USA today is the Illinois 4th district. Look it up and you will be ashamed of anybody that came up with this. I got it off the internet for the worst 20 cases. Yes it is political like Brantley points out, but can’t you see that the good people in Illinois got carried away? Are we going to be added to this list of 20 districts that look silly? 

Illinois 4th
Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D.





Aerial view of Iwaki City, Japan 11 March 2011

At least 300 people are already confirmed to have died but many are still missing. This is Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

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