Candidate #2, Former Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee: Republican Presidential Hopefuls (pt 2)

Jason Tolbert in his article “A Thousand Pardons,” Arkansas News Bureau, Feb 20) states:

In contrast to his predecessor, Gov. Mike Huckabee, who issued over 1,000 pardons and commutations, Beebe has only commuted one sentence.

“I am pretty liberal on pardons after people have finished their sentence and if it is a nonviolent crime, particularly kids that have been involved in drugs or something like that,” explained Beebe on his monthly call-in radio program a little over a year ago. “Commutations where you shorten somebody’s sentence and let them out early is something I have been very reluctant to do and I have done it once in three years.”

Perhaps part of this reluctance is based on the damage — both political and otherwise — that Beebe has observed from some of the high-profile prison releases occurring under Huckabee. Most notably are Wayne Dumond, who raped and murdered a Missouri woman after being paroled under Huckabee’s watch, and Maurice Clemmons, who went on to murder four police officers in Washington years after his sentence was commuted by Huckabee.

This is Huckabee’s biggest challenge to overcome. Can he overcome it? I think he can. If he doesn’t then we will be stuck with Mitt Romney who basically imposed Obamacare on his state when he was governor. Can Romney be forgived for that? I think he can since he has since changed his position.

Did we forgive George Bush in 1988 for being pro-choice originally? We sure did. In fact, my former pastor, Adrian Rogers, had a chance to visit with Bush several times. He told him that the Religious Right did not have enough votes to get him elected on their own, but if he ever went against the pro-life view then they could definately derail his election bid.  

I think that Huckabee would be willing to change his view on this prison issue, and if he does then I think he will be electable.

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