Ronald Wilson Reagan Part 45

President Reagan and Nancy Reagan present Pianist Vladimir Horowitz with the Medal of Freedom in the Roosevelt room. 7/28/86.

Vladimir Horowitz plays Chopin his first ballade

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher delivers a Eulogy for President Reagan.


Felt inspired to make one of these after watching this movie yet again. It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. And I know my video can’t possibly do it justice.


My son Wilson and I love the movie “The Pianist,” about Wladyslaw Szpilman. Just like in the end of the movie, Szpilman really did find places to hide in Warsaw and survived with the help of his friends from Polish Radio and fellow musicians. In November of 1944, Szpilman was hiding out in an abandoned building when he was found by a German officer. Surprisingly, the officer did not kill Szpilman, but instead after finding out that he was a pianist, asked Szpilman to play for him on a piano they had found. After that, the officer showed Szpilman a better place to hide and brought him bread and jam on numerous occasions. He also offered Szpilman one of his coats to keep warm in the freezing temperatures. Szpilman did not identify the German officer until 1950. His name was Captain Wilm Hosenfeld. Despite the efforts of Szpilman and the Poles to rescue Hosenfeld, he died in a Soviet Prisoner of War camp in 1952.

Above you will see Reagan giving an award to Vladimir Horowitz who is another great pianist.

The Making of a Presidential Centennial

By Stewart D. McLaurin, Executive Director, The Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration

Ronald Reagan began his career in sports broadcasting. Outreach has resulted in several sports-related partnerships, including with NASCAR, where President Reagan will be honored at three races, including the Fontana race here in Southern California on March 27; Major League Baseball, where several teams will honor the President during the early weeks of the 2011 baseball season; the PGA Tour, where special emphasis took place at the LA Open on February 17-20; and the NFL, where just prior to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas on February 6, a tribute to President Reagan was shown on the massive screen in Cowboys Stadium.


Little known presidential facts:

  1. Rutherford Hayes banished alcohol from the White House and held gospel sing-alongs every night in the White House.k
  2. Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached. He was acquitted by one vote in the Senate. It would be another 131 years before another president, Bill Clinton, would be impeached.j
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