Candidate #1,MN Gov Tim Pawlenty: Republican Presidential Hopefuls (Part F)

Tim Pawlenty voices his concerns on the new health care plan

When the going gets tough then the tough get going. You will notice that governor Pawlenty had to deal with a lot of liberals in his state. Did he lie down and let them bankrupt the state or did he fight for budget cuts. The answer is that he fought for the budget cuts.

I am at a hardware store convention in Orlando and I heard a crazy store yesterday about the California State Government. Everybody knows that they are not even close to balancing their state budget there. What does the state government do? They don’t budget cut until they have balanced the budget, but they try to rip off out of state companies that do business in California.

A good friend of mine told me that a hardware distributor of his that carries over 100 different size containers of the cleaner that he sells them, hit his company with a fine of over $1500.0o for not having the correct California Registration number on the paper work for one of the 100 items that was being shipped into California.  This is highway robbery, but such is justified if you want to do business in California. No wonder so many businesses are leaving California.

I wanted to include some posts from the article “Excerpts: Tim Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand.” Former Minnesota Governor Discusses Losing the VP Slot to Sarah Palin and How President Obama ‘Broke His Promise’ in His New Book:”

Pawlenty on his often-fractious dealings with the
legislature, where Democrats controlled one or both
chambers throughout his tenure:

“My eight years in office would be rife with head-on
collisions, special sessions, constitutional issues,
lawsuits, even a government shutdown. I wish the
headlines could have read that Pawlenty mesmerized t
he liberals with his charm and wit and that they
changed their views due to his winsome ways. But
hard-fought battles over big issues are never that

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