Candidate #1,MN Gov Tim Pawlenty: Republican Presidential Hopefuls (Part E)

Gov. Tim Pawlenty RNC Speech Part 3 of 3

I am in Central Florida and today was the liftoff for the space shuttle Discovery from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. I learned when I went to rent a car a couple of days ago that  most of the people that rented cars a few days ago for the Daytona 500 did not return them because of the upcoming Discovery takeoff.

It is sad to me that our government does not have much money because of the wasteful stimulus law and other sad attempts to buy ourselves out of this recession. Now programs like our space program will suffer because of all these ploys by the Democrats. Pawlenty is right when he says our federal government has got way too big.

I wanted to include some posts from the article “Excerpts: Tim Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand.” Former Minnesota Governor Discusses Losing the VP Slot to Sarah Palin and How President Obama ‘Broke His Promise’ in His New Book:”

Pawlenty on describing his philosophy toward
government that echoes tea party principles:

“Endless government growth becomes a form of
tyranny. When the government takes up more and more space — space that was previously reserved for
individuals, families, the faith community, charities,
markets and the private sector — the result is more
displacement, discouragement, disincentive, and
dependency. As government swells to become nearly
everyone’s financial nanny, freedom and personal
responsibility are diminished.”

Pawlenty on a heated meeting he had as a legislator
with then-Gov. Jesse Ventura, who was mad at
Pawlenty for accusing the former Navy Seal of
leaving taxpayers “behind enemy lines.”:

“The hockey player and wrestling fan in me would
have some taken pride in surviving a Jesse Ventura
smackdown. But the apology felt better. And that was
all it took to let the air out of the balloon. He went
from enraged to reasonable and graciously accepted
the apology. The meeting ended well.”

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