Candidate #1,MN Gov Tim Pawlenty: Republican Presidential Hopefuls (Part D)

Gov. Tim Pawlenty RNC Speech Part 2 of 3

The other day I told a story about flying on Southwest Airlines from Little Rock to Florida by way of St. Louis and I ridiculed them for sending me the wrong way at first. I wanted to make it known that I really do like flying with Southwest and they do a great job. In fact, I flew one time on the same plane with the famous Democratic Senator from Illinois. No it was not the future President Obama but Paul Simon. The lady next to me said, “I know that guy. He is famous.” I told her it was Paul Simon and she thought it was the singer. Then she asked me if it was the writer of TV Shows (Neil Simon), but I finally told her it was the Senator with the bow tie. Senator Simon got a kick out of the story when I relayed it to him while getting off the plane later.

We are a great nation because we have been the most free nation of all time according to Tim Pawlenty in his speech as seen above. The heavy hand of government that President Obama endorses. Also no one should be forced to send their child to a bad school. I have spent lots of time on that with all my articles on Vouchers.

I wanted to include some posts from the article “Excerpts: Tim Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand.” Former Minnesota Governor Discusses Losing the VP Slot to Sarah Palin and How President Obama ‘Broke His Promise’ in His New Book:”

Pawlenty on the intersection of faith and politics:

“People often ask how I reconcile my faith life and my
public life and to what extent my Christian faith
influences my decision making. For any public leader
— or a leader in any arena, for that matter — our
upbringing, life experiences, values and beliefs
inevitably influence who we are and how we approach
the decisions before us. Faith is part of my
experience, and it is the cornerstone of my value
system. It is part of who I am and how I think.”

Pawlenty taking issue with the federal government’s
corporate bailouts and subsidies for public

“The government is like one of those hoarders you
see on talk shows — the folks with fourteen dining
room tables in their garage, eight boxes of sweaters
in their kitchen. The federal government needs to
have a yard sale!”

Pawlenty on President Barack Obama’s first two
years in office:

“President Obama broke his promise to pay for ‘every
dime’ of new government spending. Of course, that’s
not the only promise that he has broken. He said that
health-care reform would be a transparent, bipartisan
effort; instead, the health-care bill was written behind
closed doors and passed without any Republican
support. He promised to not raise taxes on the
middle class, but he broke that pledge. This is not
change we can believe in. This is change we still can’t

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