Dumas: Obama Health care will contain health care costs

President Obama’s Health Care Myths #2

HALT: Halting Arkansas Liberals with Truth

Mississippi Center for Public Policy and The Federalist Society present: Is ObamaCare Good for Patients, Doctors, Employers, & State Budgets? (How will it affect employers?)

The sun is coming out now and the 7 inches of snow are starting to melt. When I was coming into work at 4:30 am this morning, I thought I would avoid the traffic. I usually leave much later. I had to get up to 30 mph because I was coming up to a big hill, and a truck almost pulled out in front of me. I would have ended up in a ditch in order to avoid the truck. Thank goodness they did not pull out in front of me.

On July 8, 2010 Ernie Dumas wrote the article “Health law gains acceptance in Arkansas: There is a lot to like, including cash infusion for state” which was published by the Arkansas Times. Dumas tries to make it sound like health care costs will be contained under this new system.

Unlucky for Dumas just two months later the Associated Press reported on September 9, 2010 the verdict on the cost of the new health legislation according to a government forecast. The conclusion was that “the nation’s health care tab will go up–not down –as a result of President Barack Obama’s sweeping overhaul.” The Chicago Tribune went on to comment:

“Well, duh. You can’t expand coverage by 32 million Americans and figure that will hold costs down. The Democrats sold health care to Americans with a lot of fuzzy accounting and shaky assertions about how relatively inexpensive all this would be”( September 23, 2010).

Michael F. Cannon wrote an excellent article (“Obama’s Health Care Myths Exposed,” AOL News, March 17, 2010) exposing the myths of President Obama’s heath care reform act.  I will be sharing portions of over the next few days.

Myth: The legislation would contain health care costs.

The Obama plan would increase health care costs for the simple reason that it would put millions more patients, plus doctors and insurers, in a position where they are spending the taxpayers’ money. That never produces frugality.

Its command-and-control approaches to cost containment have failed over and over in Medicare and Medicaid because they don’t change the incentives that encourage cost growth.

The only provision that would change incentives is the president’s proposed tax on the sick and others with high-cost health plans. But he appears ready to abandon that, anyway.

Stanford health economist Alain Enthoven writes, “The American people are being deceived.” The Senate bill would “do little or nothing to curb [health care] expenditures.”

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