Ronald Wilson Reagan Part 23

President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday anniversary

Former president Ronald Reagan is kissed by Nancy inside their Bel-Air home in Los Angeles on Reagan’s 89th birthday. This is one of the last photos the Reagan family released of the former president, who had been stricken with Alzheimer’s disease.

President Reagan talking with Christopher Reeve and Frank Gifford during a reception and picnic in honor of the 15th Anniversary of the Special Olympics program in the Diplomatic Reception room. 6/12/83.

1984 Reagan commercial

Frank Gifford is pictured above. He had a long career with the NY Giants and Pat Summerall was one of his teammates during that time. I got to ask Pat Summerall a question at the Little Rock Touchdown Club meeting back in October of 2010. Summerall had pointed out that Tom Landry was the defensive coordinator and Vince Lombardi was the offensive backfield coach when he played for the Giants.  Summerall had shared how he had recovered from his drinking habit and put his faith in Christ and was baptized.

I simply asked him if he had a chance to interact with any Christian Coaches like Tony Dungy or Tom Landry about his conversion. He said that he told Landry about his conversion and that was the only time he ever saw Landry smile. Walt Garrison told Summerall that he never saw Landry smile but he only played for him for 9 years.

I have heard over and over that the rich had a smaller tax load under Reagan and everyone else had a bigger tax load. William A. Niskanen and Stephen Moore have sent the record straight in their October 22, 1996 paper “Supply-Side Tax Cuts and the Truth about the Reagan Economic Record.” I will be sharing portions of that article with you over the next few days.

Here is another myth:

The Rich Saw Their Tax Bills Go Down in the 1980s While Everyone Else Paid More
Contrary to popular rhetoric, the wealthiest Americans did not pay less taxes; rather, they paid more taxes after theincome tax rate cuts in 1981. In constant dollars, the richest 10 percent of Americans paid $177 billion in federalincome taxes in 1980 but paid $237 billion in 1988. The remaining 90 percent of households paid $5 billion less inincome taxes over this period.
 They earned more and they paid more. In fact, Federal Reserve Board memberLawrence Lindsey has shown that taxes paid by the wealthy were substantially higher than they would have been if thetop tax rate had remained at 70 percent.
 The share of total income taxes paid by the wealthiest1 percent of all Americans actually rose from 18 percent in 1981 to 25 percent in 1990. The wealthiest 5 percent ofAmericans saw their tax share rise from 35 to 44 percent. So the rise in the deficit was clearly not a result of “tax cuts
for the rich.”

Little known presidential facts:

  1. Herbert Hoover was an orphan whose first job was picking bugs off potato plants, for which he was paid a dollar per hundred bugs. He also was a mine worker.b
  2. Gerald Ford worked as a model during college. He also worked as a forest ranger at Yellowstone National Park directing traffic and feeding the bears.a
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