Mike Ross: The Best at playing politics


Arkansas Democrat Rep. Mike Ross Explains Why He Voted For the Health Care Bill in Committee (video from Tolbert Report.com)

“I wasn’t sent to Washingon to play politics. I was sent there to do my job.” These are the words of Congressman Mike Ross after he basically got through playing politics and helped pass Obamacare by letting it get out of committee. Chairman Henry Waxman was very happy in July 2009, but I wonder what people from south Arkansas will think when Obamacare takes root and kills jobs.

Earlier I took a look at this issue with Mike Ross with John Brummett’s excellent article in which he points out:

Ross can say, quite correctly, that he voted against health care reform on the House floor the first time and that he voted against it the decisive time when it came back through the budget reconciliation process from the Senate….

I am afraid that it appears that Ross was trying to please the liberal Democrats by voting for Obamacare when it counted. He voted against it when they did not need his vote. That sounds like he was just playing politics.


oday I am profiling St lawmaker Donna Hutchinson.

Donna Hutchinson

Wed, Jan 7, 2009


mug-donna-hutchinsonR-Bella Vista
House District 98
Second term
Committees: Joint Budget; Education; State Agencies.
Special connections: Mother of two former state legislators: Tim and Jeremy Hutchinson. Of Native American descent. Professional mediator.
How to reach her: House in-session number: 501-682-6211. E-mail: hutchinsond@arkleg.state.ar.us. “I have to turn off my cell phone while the House is in session and committees are meeting, which means it’s off most of the day.” E-mail is most reliable for contact on weekends. “I don’t get to go home every weekend. It may be two weeks before I get home and check my messages.”
What you should know: Wants to redirect highway money to areas that have the most congestion.
Her priority: To cut taxes. Then to make sure that lottery scholarship money goes to nontraditional students such as working adults who want to go back to college or students in need of remedial courses. “If you have to go into debt with school loans, it should be for credit-earning courses, not remediation.”
Firmest prediction: “I will be surprised if the governor gets his rainy day fund. Since we’re coming back in 2010, he really doesn’t need one. I also think the governor’s sales tax reduction on groceries will pass and tha

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