Famous Prolife quotes


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Bill O’Reilly Interviews Jehmu Greene About Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad about Tim Tebow

I got these quotes from someone off the internet that lives in England. The funny thing is the video is put to music and the song they picked won a grammy for an Arkansas band that lives in Little Rock. Here is the video clip.


Thou shall NOT kill Exodus 20:1

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb Psalm 139:13

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you” Jeremiah 1:5

I was cast upon thee from the womb; thy art my God from my mothers belly Psalm 22:10

Abortion is advocated only by people who have already been born Ronald Reagan

If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people to not kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love but, rather, to use violence to get what they want Mother Theresa

“In modern Britain the most dangerous place to be is in your mother’s womb. It should be a place of sanctity. Edward Leigh, Conservative MP

Only half the patients who go into an abortion clinic come out alive Author Unknown

“There is no difference between a first, second or third trimester abortion or infanticide. It’s all the same human being in different stages of development. I finally got to the point I couldn’t look at those little bodies anymore” Dr Arnold Halpern

Even as early as 12 weeks a baby is totally formed. He has fingerprints, turns his head, fans his toes and feels pain. But we would say ‘It’s not a baby yet. It’s just tissue, like a clot'” Dr Cathy Sparks

“The doctors would remove the foetus and lay it on the table, where it would squirm until it died. They all had perfect forms and shapes. I couldn’t take it. No nurse could” Joyce Craig

Even though our counselors see six week babies daily, with arms, legs and eyes that are closed like newborn puppies, they lie to the women. How many women would have an abortion, if they told them the truth? Carol Everitt (Abortion Clinic owner)

“I have never known a woman who, after her baby was born, was not overjoyed that I had not killed it” Dr Aleck Bourne

“I hated putting babies in strainers and rinsing them off and putting them in zip-lock bags” Eric Harrah

“They are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because we knew that if they so much as heard the heart beat, they wouldn’t want to have an abortion Dr Randall

“We tried to avoid the women seeing the foetus. They always wanted to know the sex, but we lied and said it was too early to tell. It’s better for the women to think of the foetus as an ‘it’ Norma Eidelman (Abortion Clinic worker)

“Now, the baby I aborted was eleven weeks old, and can you imagine what this did to me when I saw this baby with the hands and face, sucking his thumb? And they told me it was a cluster of cells!” Carole K (State Director of Women Exploited by Abortion)

“My heart got callous to against the fact that I was a murderer – but that baby lying in a cold bowl educated me as to what abortion really was” Dr David Brewer (Former Abortionist)

33rd ANNUAL MARCH FOR LIFE:Little Rock Sun 2pm begins at Capital and Louisiana Streets


Today I have a profile of St lawmaker Bill Pritchard.

From 2009 interview with the Morning News.

Bill Pritchard

Wed, Jan 7, 2009

Legislators, Senators

Senate District 35
Served three terms in the House; In his first term but second session in the Senate
Committees: Public Health; State Agencies
Special connections: Retired businessman who co-sponsored the measure, approved by voters, to have the Legislature meet every year
How to reach him: E-mail: pritchardb@arkleg.state.ar.us. Cell phone: 479-601-5546. Senate in-session number: 501-682-2902
What you should know: Considered a leading legislator on drug courts and other measures to treat substance abuse. Chaired task forces on substance abuse and was designated by the House and Senate public health committees to write the legislation setting up the state’s system for funding drug courts.
His priority: Expanding the adult drug courts and finding money for juvenile drug counts, and money for substance treatment in general. Beyond that, “Killing bad legislation” and paying special attention to the budget.
Biggest concern this session: Whether serious, needed programs of all kinds survive the tight budget.
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