Unborn babies sometime survive abortion attempt


Part 1 of 2 Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor speaks at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Victoria. Australia – on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria.
Gianna’s visit was sponsored by the Ad Hoc Interfaith Committee.

Ark Times says Planned Parenthood in Little Rock performs abortions. My last post mentioned a lady by the name of Abby Johnson who was a director of a Planned Parenthood center in Texas. Take time to read my last post and see why she left Planned Parenthood and never went back. It amazes me that liberals are constantly trying to make abortions more available than ever. I don’t think they have taken a close look at the process.
Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor. She  was intervewed on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes, where she shared her personal story and also commented on Obama’s voting record. As an Illinois state senator, four times he voted “no” on the Illinois Born-Alive Infant Defined Act, which would protect babies born alive after failed abortions.
There is a lively discussion at the end about whether or not Obama, by his vote, was in fact denying born babies (abortion survivors now outside the womb), the right to live. Pay attention especially to Alan Combs who tries to defend his pro-life liberal president.
Sean Hannity show with Gianna Jessen
Did you see how difficult it was for Alan Combs to defend his liberal president from the charge of infanticide. Logically there is no escape but he tried the best he could.  President Obama was so intent on protecting Roe v Wade that he had to endorse a form of infanticide in order to protect Roe v Wade.
Liberals must acknowledge that hospitals are required to save lives. However, if a hospital is paid to perform an abortion and they botch the job then they must turn from trying to snuff out a life to trying to save it again. How ironic.
Part 2 of 2 Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor speaks at Queen’s Hall.

33rd ANNUAL MARCH FOR LIFE:Little Rock Sun 2pm begins at Capital and Louisiana Streets


Today I have a profile of St lawmaker Les Carnine. This is from the Morning News two years ago.

Les Carnine

Wed, Jan 7, 2009


House District 94
Committees: Education; City, County and Local.
Special connections: Former school superintendent, university professor and classroom teacher.
How to reach him: In-session House number: 501-682-6211. On weekends, “use my home number:” 479-636-2619.
What you should know: “I have no problem being aggressive. No one every claimed I wasn’t.”
His priority: Constituent service. “I’ll be learning the ropes this term and will really concentrate on that. I don’t really have a laundry list of what I’ve got to do. I didn’t approach it that way.”
His biggest fear: “I’m like every other person I’ve talked to here. We’re real concerned about the economy. We really won’t know what we’ll be able to do until the March or April revenue forecast. But I’m an optimistic person. There’s a dark cloud on the horizon, but it’s not a big cloud yet.”

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