Speaking on pro-life issues with those around you with love and truth.


Development of the Unborn Baby.  Prolife Video

There are people all around you who have been affected by humanism. Abortion is one of the results of humanism. Nevertheless, we can befriend those who are considering abortion and speak into their lives with love and truth. There may be those who say hateful things to us when we do that but it is worth it.

We personally know several people who have told us that their mother wanted to get an abortion, but later changed her mind. I am thinking of one lady that we knew from our Sunday School class who told us that she was in the parking lot of an abortion clinic and changed her mind. Now that she has two beautiful children she can not believe she even considered it.

My wife Jill befriended a lady that was visiting our church around 15 years ago. The lady shared that she was pregnant and her muslim boyfriend was pressuring her to get an abortion.

Jill prayed with her and the lady gladly met with a Christian doctor that Jill recommended. The doctor offered his services totally free throughout the remainder of the pregnancy and even said he would take care of all the expenses  involved. The lady was thrilled. However, soon after the lady was taken to the abortion clinic by her boyfriend and had the abortion. She later contacted our pastor and told him how rude the people at the church were to her.

Planned Parenthood gives their workers several talking points and one of those points is that the unborn baby does not feel pain until the 28th week. Take a look below at these facts:

Fetal Development; From conception to birth;

Day 1: fertilization: all human chromosomes are present; unique human life begins. Day 6: embryo begins implantation in the uterus. Day 22: heart begins to beat with the child’s own blood, often a different type than the mothers’.

Week 3: By the end of third week the child’s backbone spinal column and nervous system are forming. The liver, kidneys and intestines begin to take shape.

Week 4: By the end of week four the child is ten thousand times larger than the fertilized egg. Week 5: Eyes, legs, and hands begin to develop. Week 6: Brain waves are detectable; mouth and lips are present; fingernails are forming. Week 7: Eyelids, and toes form, nose distinct. The baby is kicking and swimming.

Week 8: Every organ is in place, bones begin to replace cartilage, and fingerprints begin to form. By the 8th week the baby can begin to hear. Weeks 9 and 10: Teeth begin to form, fingernails develop. The baby can turn his head, and frown. The baby can hiccup.

Weeks 10 and 11: The baby can “breathe” amniotic fluid and urinate. Week 11 the baby can grasp objects placed in its hand; all organ systems are functioning. The baby has a skeletal structure, nerves, and circulation.

Week 12: The baby has all of the parts necessary to experience pain, including nerves, spinal cord, and thalamus. Vocal cords are complete. The baby can suck its thumb.

Week 14: At this age, the heart pumps several quarts of blood through the body every day. Week 15: The baby has an adult’s taste buds. Month 4: Bone Marrow is now beginning to form. The heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day. By the end of month 4 the baby will be 8-10 inches in length and will weigh up to half a pound. Week 17: The baby can have dream (REM) sleep.

Week 19: Babies can routinely be saved at 21 to 22 weeks after fertilization, and sometimes they can be saved even younger. Week 20: The earliest stage at which Partial birth abortions are performed. At 20 weeks the baby recognizes its’ mothers voice. Months 5 and 6: The baby practices breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid into its developing lungs. The baby will grasp at the umbilical cord when it feels it. Most mothers feel an increase in movement, kicking, and hiccups from the baby. Oil and sweat glands are now functioning. The baby is now twelve inches long or more, and weighs up to one and a half pounds.

Months 7 through 9: Eyeteeth are present. The baby opens and closes his eyes. The baby is using four of the five senses (vision, hearing, taste, and touch.) He knows the difference between waking and sleeping, and can relate to the moods of the mother. The baby’s skin begins to thicken, and a layer of fat is produced and stored beneath the skin. Antibodies are built up, and the baby’s heart begins to pump 300 gallons of blood per day. Approximately one week before the birth the baby stops growing, and “drops” usually head down into the pelvic cavity. Sources Used: Bergel, Gary (Produced by NRLC) “When You Were Formed in Secret.” 1998. Flanagan, Geraldine Lux. Beginning Life. The Marvelous Journey from Conception to Birth. New York: DK Publishing Inc., 1996. Hopson, Janet L. Fetal Psychology. Oct. 1998. 07 Jan 2003. http://www.leaderu.com/orgs/tul/psych… Internet Sources: “Fetal Development.” 07 Jan 2003. http://www.w-cpc.org/fetal1.html. Video from the public domain.

33rd ANNUAL MARCH FOR LIFE:Little Rock Sun 2pm begins at Capital and Louisiana Streets


Today I have a profile of St lawmaker Stephanie Malone.

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Stephanie Malone was born and raised in Rogers, Arkansas. After graduation from high school, she attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and graduated with a degree in journalism.

November of 2000, she moved to Fort Smith to take the job of Communications Director with the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce. While working at the Chamber Malone received numerous national awards for her publications, she was also active in the recruitment of several businesses to the Fort Smith Region. After working at the chamber for six years, Malone worked for an ad agency in town before taking her current job as marketing director for the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority.

She just completed her freshman year as a State Representative for District 64 (House profile). She currently serves as Vice Chair of Aging & Legislative Affairs – House Child and Youth Subcommittee and is a member of the House Public Transportation Committee, House Public Transportation and Rail Subcommittee, Aging Children and Youth Legislative Committee, Military Affairs House Committee and is a non-voting member of Revenue and Tax Committee.

Malone is a member of: Sebastian County Republican Committee, Young Emerging Leaders, Noon Exchange Club, the Junior League of Fort Smith, an honorary member of the Military Officers Association of America and a board member of Abilities Unlimited. She is the recipient of the 2009 John Paul Hammerschmidt Leadership Award and received the honor of being nominated to the American Council of Young Political Leaders. Most recently she was named as the Arkansas Business Journals, “40 under 40”, which a list compiled from across the state of business and political people to watch.

Malone’s parents, Mike and Debbie, live in Van Buren, Arkansas. Her mother was recently reappointed by the Governor as a commissioner on the early childhood development commission. Stephanie’s uncle is John Boozman, the current U.S. Congressman for the third district of Arkansas. Her late uncle, Fay Boozman, served as a State Senator before being named state health director, a position he served until his death.

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