Marching for life in 1993 with Flip Benham

“Jane Roe” or Roe v Wade is now a prolife Christian. She’s recently done a commercial about it.

Miss Norma's Baptism

Around 1993 my wife Jill and I peacefully walked the streets of Little Rock with  Rev Flip Benham who was working with Operation Rescue at the time. We held pro-life signs up and heard some moving stories those two days that we participated.

We could tell that Rev Benham was a man of prayer. He believed in it and practiced it often. Little did we know what the events of the next couple of years would be.

Roe v Wade case was actually about a lady named Jane Roe, but the lady’s name was actually Norma McCorvey. Wikipedia puts it like this:

In 1995, Norma McCorvey was working at a clinic in Dallas when Operation Rescue moved in next door. She allegedly struck up a friendship over cigarettes with Operation Rescue preacher Flip Benham, who incorporates his Christian belief with his stance against abortion.

Norma McCorvey said that Flip Benham talked to her and was kind to her. She became friends with him, attended church and was baptized. She surprised the world by going on national television to say that she now believed abortion was wrong.

Norma McCorvey had been in a lesbian relationship for years, but she eventually denounced lesbianism as well after her conversion to Christianity. Within a few years of her first book, Norma McCorvey had written a second book, Won By Love: Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, Speaks Out for the Unborn as She Shares Her New Conviction for Life.

33rd ANNUAL MARCH FOR LIFE:Little Rock Sun 2pm begins at Capital and Louisiana Streets


Today I have a profile of St lawmaker Missy Thomas Irvin.


Missy Thomas Irvin, State Senate Nominee, District 10 

Melissa (Missy) Thomas Irvin is the Republican candidate for Arkansas State Senate, District 10. Missy and her husband, Dr. John Dawson Irvin have lived in Mountain View for 14 years. They have four children, Allyn, Hennely, Josie, and Ike. The are members of First United Methodist Church of Mountain View. Missy is a committed, common-sense conservative. She is seeking the office of State Senator to better the lives of her friends and neighbors and to make sure her children don’t have to deal with the after- effects of wasteful government spending.

Click here to find out the latest news from the Missy Thomas Irvin for State Senate CampaignMelissa (Missy) Thomas Irvin, of Mountain View. Filed for the Arkansas State Senate race for District 10 as a Republican candidate on Monday, March 8th. Missy and her husband, Dr. John Dawson Irvin, have lived in Mountain View for 13 years. They have four children, Allyn, Hennelly, Josie and Ike. They are members of First United Methodist Church of Mountain View.

Ms. Irvin grew up in Little Rock, attending Mt. St. Mary Academy. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, communications and dance from Randolph – Macon Woman’s College in Virginia. She attended the University of Reading and Oxford University in England during her college career. She has worked as a news editor for KATV, Channel 7 News and as Marketing Director for Tipton & Hurst, Inc. of Little Rock.
After moving to Mountain View, she worked for Stone County Ironworks, eventually becoming the Advertising and Marketing Director, as well as a product developer for the SCI line and their larger clients, such as LL Bean. Irvin has worked as an independent graphic designer and marketing consultant for private clients. She worked with Calico Rock Ironworks in marketing and product development. She then worked as an Adjunct Professor of Dance for Hendrix College for 5 years, serving as Director of Dance her final year.
Ms. Irvin’s political campaign reaches back to the days of Ronald Reagan, working in his presidential campaign in Arkansas. After high school, Irvin volunteered for Sheffield Nelson’s first campaign for Governor, and then worked in his second campaign as Special Events Coordinator and Assistant Finance Director in 1994. In 2000, Irvin served as campaign manager for her brother, Bob Thomas, who ran for the United States House of Representatives against then U.S. Representative, Vic Snyder. She has on several occasions lobbied the state legislature on behalf of rural health care and physicians.
Currently, Missy works with her husband in his medical clinic. Her extensive volunteer activities include coordinating the first three years of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life for Stone County, coordinating “After Dark in the Park.” with the Ozark Folk Center and supporting the Music Roots program. She serves on the health advisory committee for the Mountain View School District and has served as a parent representative for the school in the implementation of the new EAST program.
She currently serves as president of the Mountain View Youth Soccer Association, as a vice-president for the Arkansas State Soccer Association, and IS a AAA registered volunteer soccer coach. She is a member of P.E.O., and past president of DK. She is very active in her church. In 2008, Irvin received a Presidential Award for her volunteer work in the community.

Ms. lrvin’s father, Dr. Jerry Thomas is a graduate of Batesville High School. Her grandfather, Ivan, was a gunsmith in the area long ago. Her uncle Jack Thomas, was the knife maker at the Ozark Folk Center and was a long time resident of Mountain View. “Even though I grew up in Little Rock, this area is the land of my fathers. I grew up coming to the creek and the square. I am passionate about the people of this district, and am ready to continue to work at the next level where I believe I can be a strong voice and advocate for our district’s health care providers, our school districts and our municipal and county Missy Thomas Irvin | Entries (RSS) | Comments (RSS)
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33rd ANNUAL MARCH FOR LIFE:Little Rock Sun 2pm begins at Capital and Louisiana Streets

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