Republican St Lawmakers in 88th General Assembly

I have a profile of St lawmaker of Matthew Shepherd below. He is pictured below with Mike Huckabee. Here are some of the best clips and quotes from  Huckabee.

In Saline County where I live, we have always had 4 reps and 1 senator representing us, but we have never had 5 Republicans at one time.  Senator Jeremy Hutchinson, and Reps Ann Clemmer, Kim Hammer, David Sanders and Andy Mayberry are all Republicans. We could not be more proud of them.

I have since Dec 22nd been including a profile of a St lawmaker in almost all my posts. Today I have a profile of  Matthew Shepherd.  I have also included a list of all of the other st lawmakers I have already covered below and the date the blog post appeared. I will be including profiles on all the rest of the Republican lawmakers in the coming days. If you are a Republican St Lawmaker I would love to hear from you and if you had some material you would like to send me to include in your profile, then I would love to include it.


Thank you for taking time to visit As a lifelong resident of El Dorado and Union County, I believe that we stand at a critical time in the history of our state and our community. We have seen the closing of businesses and industry, and the associated job loss. The people of District 6 deserve strong leadership in Little Rock. 

As the son of a judge and a public school teacher, I understand the sacrifice and heavy responsibility of public service, and I feel I am up to the task. My wife and I have chosen to raise our children and make our home here – and it is because of my family and yours that I choose to seek the position of State Representative from District 6. Our families’ futures are too important for us to sit idly by.

We deserve aggressive leadership working to ensure that our community is a place where our families can continue to live and thrive.As your state representative, my focus will be to do what is right for District 6, and make sure that Union County is never overlooked in Little Rock, particularly when it comes to economic development and jobs. Together I believe that we can work to create a better tomorrow for ourselves, and more importantly for our children and those to follow.

In the coming months l look forward to visiting with you about the issues which concern you the most, as my campaign plans to focus on our future. It is with a servant’s heart, I make this run for office – and as I do so I ask for your vote, your support and most importantly your prayers.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime at 870 814-2080 or .


Matthew Shepherd

Matthew Shepherd’s Photos – Huckabee Fundraiser

Photo 1 of 2   Back to Album · Matthew Shepherd’s Photos · Matthew Shepherd’s Profile

The Shepherd Family (from left to right):  Libby, Alie, Eli, Matthew & Mary Kate.


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