Samuel Adams Unconfirmed Quote was Confirmed Eventually

Part 3 David Barton: Were Founding Fathers Deists?

American Bible Society filled with Founding Fathers

Here is another in the series of  unconfirmed quotes that people think that the Founding Fathers actually said and the historical evidence concerning them. David Barton has collected these quotes and tried to confirm them over the last 20 years. These unconfirmed quotes are used every single day and unfortunately my group of conservatives have been guilty of using them more than the liberals have. This website HALT ( includes the T for the word ‘truth.” .
Unlike the previous unconfirmed quotes on the list that David Barton compiled, this quote was later confirmed. This also disproves the theory that all these quotes are “Fake Quotes.” You got to remember that evidence is always turning up and this is a case below where an original source was found.

11. A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.Samuel Adams (unconfirmed confirmed!)

This is a perfect example of how we are able to verify quotations. Originally, the statement was suspect because the only source was secondary, and we were uncomfortable with the documentation. However, after acquiring a more thorough version of Samuel Adams’ writings, we found the statement in a letter to James Warren dated February 12, 1779


Today the State lawmaker I am profiling is Karen Hopper

This is Karen Hopper
Baxter County resident 21 years. 

Former Senior District Representative for U.S. Congressmen Tim and Asa Hutchinson, working on both legislative issues & individual constituency matters.

Worked continually in support of other conservatives seeking public office at the local, state & national level.

Former news reporter covering all levels of government.

Member N.R.A.

Member Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Recipient of the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Opal Award for community service.

B.S. Journalism/Advertising, Murray State University.

Married 24 years to Fred Waddell

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Special Projects, and Distance Learning at Arkansas State University Mountain Home.


Campaign to Elect Karen Hopper–431-8934

April 28, 2008

Hopper Pledges To Work to Reduce Excessive Tax on Charitable Bingo

State Representative Candidate Karen Hopper (R) of Lakeview said today if elected she will work to reduce the excessive tax on charitable bingo that has left many local veteran’s groups, churches, and community organizations unable to fund their causes.  Hopper is a candidate in the May 20 Republican Primary Election.

Hopper said information from the Bureau of Legislative Affairs, the research arm of the Arkansas General Assembly, indicates the state has collected in excess of $830,000 through March from a 1-cent per bingo card tax.  The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DF&A) had projected it would cost under $600,000 annually to administer the program.

“At this rate with three months to go in the fiscal year, the state stands to collect in excess of a half million dollars more than it needs to administer the program.  This money should be in our communities funding the projects of our veteran’s groups, churches, and community organizations,” Hopper said.

Voters in 2006 approved a constitutional amendment legalizing charitable bingo and raffles.  Act 388 of 2007 established the rules and regulations for operators, including a method of taxing the games.  Under the rules established by Act 388, groups must purchase a license and then pay a 1-cent tax on each bingo game card or “face” sold.  The Act also requires charities to purchase bingo and raffle licenses.

Hopper said despite the legislature having input from representatives of community organizations around the state as the terms of Act 388 were hammered out, DF&A’s interpretation of the rules has lead to the excessive collections.

“The result is that community organizations across the state are suffering to the point they are not able to fund their causes.  The Alley-White American Legion Post 52 of Mountain Home advises it cannot meet its overhead and has resorted to holding a monthly pancake breakfast to generate additional income,” Hopper said.

“We need to reduce this excessive tax so that our local community organizations are able to fund college scholarships, Boys and Girls State delegates, and numerous other activities,” Hopper added.                   While efforts have been made requesting DF&A reduce the tax, officials with that state agency maintain any changes must be made legislatively.



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