Is Mike Ross a Conservative who helped pass a Liberal Healthcare Bill?

(John Stossel on healthcare bill 7 min)

The Republicans are moving now to try and overturn the Obama healthcare act , but no one really gives their efforts much hope. How did President Obama get this healthcare act get passed in the first place.

The liberal columnist John Brummett wrote an excellent article on Mike Ross and his position as a Blue Dog Democrat in the article “Straddling Democrat or Stand-up Republican?” (Arkansas Times, Sept 28, 2010). In this article he noted:

Ross is expert, even genius, in balancing the values of his constituents against the urgings of his national party. That’s always been good enough. But polls suggest that this balance is now precarious. The seeming tipping point is health care reform.

The question is whether to delay the health care reform bill and change it, as Ross did amid mostly favorable national media attention in the summer of 2009, or kill it altogether, which Ross and his Blue Dog Democrats had the muscle to do, but didn’t, in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Ross can say, quite correctly, that he voted against health care reform on the House floor the first time and that he voted against it the decisive time when it came back through the budget reconciliation process from the Senate….


But here’s what Rankin and the Tea Party can say: Yes, Ross did all that, but the truth is that he and his pals among Blue Dogs, by having enough votes on Energy and Commerce to hold up the bill and demand changes in the first place, also had enough votes to kill it outright. Instead, in the end, they did Pelosi’s bidding, as they always will do at crunch time, and let her have the bill on the floor of the House.

My conclusion is that the lone remaining Democratic Congressman from Arkansas has made a calculated decision to vote like a Republican and at the same time do the Democratic Party bidding when necessary. The perfect example would be the President Obama’s healthcare bill where he could have killed it in committee but chose to let it go to the floor where it passed despite his vote against it.

One of the main messages from the Tea Party in 2010 election was that politicians can no longer think they can be hypocritical and get away with it. How much longer will Mike Ross get away with it? This is not a liberal versus conservative issue, but the real issue is being consistent with what you say you stand for. If you want the liberals to win the healthcare debate then vote with them. If you want the conservatives to win the debate then vote with them. Just don’t straddle the fence, but be a stand-up guy.

I personally wish that Lt Governor Mark Darr would run against Ross in 2012 because I think he would beat Ross. However, it appears that will not be doing so, but probably will wait to run for governor in 2014.


Today I am profiling State Lawmaker Charlie Collins.

As a life-long conservative, US Navy veteran, Fortune 500 company leader, small business owner and committed family man, Charlie Collins will bring a broad range of life experience to office in Little Rock. You can count on him to support conservative principles today, tomorrow, the next day and every day after that. Core principles like this—It’s Free enterprise, not big government, but free enterprise that creates the path to good jobs, economic growth, and prosperity for all. Charlie is pro-life and a life member of the NRA.

Charlie was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Livonia, a nearby suburb. After high school graduation in 1981, he left to attend the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Shaking President Ronald Reagan’s hand at graduation in 1985 is still one of his fondest memories.

In the year following graduation from the Naval Academy he was commissioned a Naval Intelligence officer, married Leeann (his wife of almost 25 years), and completed his masters degree in quantitative economics from George Washington University. Following Naval Intelligence School, he was assigned to serve aboard the aircraft carrier USS America CV-66. After completing his 2 ½ year tour aboard ship, Charlie was assigned as a Soviet military capabilities instructor at the Navy & Marine Corps Intelligence Center and gave training presentations all over the world.

After completing five years of active Navy service, Charlie joined Procter & Gamble at their Cincinnati, OH headquarters and moved up the management ranks. He continued serving as an active Navy reservist as well, earning eventual promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Charlie was transferred to the Procter & Gamble Wal-Mart Global Customer Team in Fayetteville, AR in 1996 with Leeann and their four toddlers (Jordan was three and the triplets, Andrew, Jamie and Austin, were almost two).

Charlie and Leeann quickly realized that Northwest Arkansas was the place where they would settle down and raise their family. Charlie resigned from the Navy Reserve and was honorably discharged after 12 years combined service so he would have more weekends at home with his young children. At Procter & Gamble, he was promoted to Associate Director, responsible for the $750+ million Wal-Mart Beauty Care sales team. After 13 years at Procter & Gamble, Charlie was recruited by Eastman Kodak to be Vice-President and Wal-Mart sales team leader. After two and half years with Kodak, Heinz recruited him as Vice-President managing their half-billion dollar US Wal-Mart business.

While corporate America was challenging and exciting, Charlie was lured away by an offer to be the co-owner of a small entrepreneurial business. He and his partner have run Crown Partners Executive Search together for the past four years, helping to match executive talent to business needs in Northwest Arkansas and across the country.

Charlie has been active in the community as well. He is a member of the First Christian Church in Fayetteville and has served in a variety of roles, including Elder, Trustee, and Sunday school teacher, and he just completed a two year term as Chairman of the Board in December 2009. He currently serves as the President of his neighborhood Property Owners Association and is active as a Boy Scout parent (his two sons are working on their Eagle Scout rank). Charlie is a member of the Arkansas Chapter of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, the American Legion, and a Life Member of the National Rifle Association.

Charlie was appointed by the Governor to the Selective Service Appeals Board for the western district of Arkansas and has served as Chairman for the past five years. He also serves on the Third Congressional District, USNA Nomination Interview Committee. Charlie has been active in the Republican Party as a member of the Washington County Republican Committee for nearly ten years and the group’s Executive Committee for the past five.

Charlie’s four children will all attend Fayetteville High School next fall, so his wife agrees that now is the time for him to pursue his passion of serving you by making state government smaller and more effective while helping to turn Arkansas into a good jobs magnet.


Charlie Collins
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