Brummett: American Exceptionalism is really Chauvinism

I do not think that “American exceptionalism is as example of  “American chauvinism as Brummett contends. I have made it clear that in my two previous posts on this issue that I do not think that the USA has exceptional people, but has been the world’s best example of free enterprise. Let me give me an example that may seem strange at first.

Americans were given the opportunity to work in sweat shops in the end of the 1800’s, and the results of that experience has resulted in the children and grandchildren of those workers experiencing the American dream.

Read what Milton Friedman had to say about his mother’s experience in the sweat shop:

Of course she didn’t stay here a long time, she stayed here while she learned the language, while she developed some feeling for the country, and gradually she was able to make a better life for herself. 

Similarly, the people who are here now, they are like my mother. Most of the immigrants from the distant countries __ they came here because they liked it here better and had more opportunities. A place like this gives them a chance to get started. They are not going to stay here very long or forever. On the contrary, they and their children will make a better life for themselves as they take advantage of the opportunities that a free market provides to them.

The irony is that this place violates many of the standards that we now regard as every worker’s right. It is poorly ventilated, it is over-crowded, the workers accept less than union rate __ it breaks every rule in the book. But if it were closed down, who would benefit? Certainly not the people here.Their life may seem pretty tough compared to our own, but that is only because our parents or grandparents went through that stage for us. We have been able to start at a higher point.

But in the past 50 years, we’ve been squandering that inheritance by allowing government to control more and more of our lives, instead of relying on ourselves. We need to rediscover the old truths that the immigrants knew in their bones; what economic freedom is and the role it plays in preserving personal freedom.

Is America going to be exceptional in the future? It all depends on our adherence to the principles that made us great in the first place.

Take a look at Milton Friedman’s film series Free to Choose and the episode The Power of the Market.


Today I have a State Lawmaker profile of Andy Mayberry who represents Saline County.

My mission is simple: To best represent the people of District 27 in the Arkansas House of Representatives.Like many of you, I have a growing concern about the overwhelming presence of government in our lives. I believe in smaller government, less bureaucracy, lower taxes, restrained spending, and those rights afforded to us by God as well as other liberties guaranteed to us by the Constitution. 

I believe that good government starts on the local level, and we must continue building a solid foundational leadership in order for our communities, state and country to prosper. As you know, we face many challenges, and I believe now is a time for men and women of good conscience and common sense to take action. I would appreciate your vote and additional support in this endeavor.

Thank you and may God bless,




“… the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth – that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?” – Benjamin Franklin


Paid for by the Andy Mayberry for State Rep Committee

In the immortal words of Deputy Barney Fife, I’m going to “nip it … nip it in the bud.” If you’ve been chuckling to yourself since you first heard my name, that’s OK. Plenty of other folks laugh aloud, though others never make the connection. Yes … I am supposedly named for the sheriff in the 1960s classic television program, The Andy Griffith Show. And I’m proud of it!

So what exactly is “Mayberry” thinking?

In my opinion, The Andy Griffith Show was perhaps the best television show ever made. If one has to go through life associated by name with a TV program, I’m glad to be linked with that one. To me, it humorously demonstrates the great morals, ethics and sense of small-town values I hope my daughters grow up to learn.

People in Mayberry loved their family, community, country and God. They helped their friends as well as those who weren’t necessarily their friends. And they never – not once – asked whether you were a Democrat or Republican before they offered their assistance. Perhaps best of all, they used common sense and worked together to solve problems. They were decent, kind, and always tried to do what’s right. That’s precisely the kind of thinking and attitude I’d like to take with me to our state’s capitol. I’d appreciate your vote to help me do that very thing.



Mayberry receives endorsement of Arkansas Right to Life PAC

Andy Mayberry, the Republican nominee for the District 27 seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives, has received the endorsement of the Arkansas Right to Life Political Action Committee.

Mayberry, who is a board member of Arkansas Right to Life, is a long-time pro-life advocate. His wife, Julie Mayberry, is also a vocal opponent of abortion and has been a featured speaker at multiple Arkansas Right to Life events.

“Certainly I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Arkansas Right to Life political action committee,” Andy Mayberry said. “It is encouraging for my campaign, and inspiring for me personally, to be one of the first two candidates in Arkansas to receive the ARTL endorsement in the 2010 general election. The fact that I join the select company of Congressman John Boozmanin his bid to become Arkansas’ next U.S. Senator makes the honor that much greater.”

Regarding the priority of pro-life issues, Mayberry said that in the grand scheme, there are none “any larger” than protecting life.

“The Bible is very clear that life is a precious gift from God, and that we are to value it,” Mayberry said. “It’s important how our society treats its most weak, vulnerable and innocent. Our Founding Fathers knew how important life is when they referenced it in the Declaration of Independence as an unalienable right endowed to us by our Creator, and I believe it is our duty to protect it. If we cannot trust an elected representative to defend the most basic and essential of our human rights — LIFE — how can we possibly trust that person with other daily issues we face such as the economy, jobs, safety and security, and education?”

Mayberry said that first and foremost, we have to work to change the hearts and minds of those who justify the killing of an unborn child.

“Regardless of the law,” he said, “unfortunately there will always be those who choose to kill and destroy. That said, I will work tirelessly with others in the pro-life movement to develop, sponsor, advocate and vote for legislation that will limit, reduce and – by the Grace of God, maybe one day eliminate – abortion.”


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